Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keep healthy on September

I believe September is a busy month for everyone, I might be one of them. There isn't public holidays fall on this month and lots of event happening too. However, there is a concern on my own health too especially during rainy season. You might caught cold by having flu or cough. Of course, I have my own method in maintaining a good immune body during bad weather - Probiotic. I mentioned Prebiotic and Probiotic in my blog post last month. I consume 2 sachet of probiotic daily and I felt is a good health caution against cold (not to mention I felt not well one day and my friends are having running nose the whole week). I tried few days to remain good condition but the effectiveness is quite individual dependent too.  

To be specific, Probiotic acts as improving our digestion (include enhancing mineral absorption), the effectiveness and intrinsic strength of the immune system. Although probiotics are naturally found in the our stomach and bowels, natural sources can be found in fermented foods or cultured drink too. There are a lot of brands in market, e.g. Yakult. However, before you purchase it, the most important thing is to go through the nutrition label for calories per serving, sugar amount, type of culture strain being use and storage instruction. Most the bacteria can only survive under low temperature and certain pH, high temperature can cause bacteria become active between 15 °C to 40 °C and produce lactic acid that can directly reduce pH (sour) and kill the bacteria. Thus, a cultured drinks should be consumed after outside foods to prevent gut problem, as well as protection against sickness. Of course we need to beaware in food selection, go for a balance and healthy meal. Littlediet wishes everyone have a healthy life in this busy September. 

九月是一个忙碌的月份,相信大家和我一样,雨季和忙碌的日子容易令你生病。我发觉身边的朋友都感冒。 所以,我提议食用多益生菌的产品。益生菌可改善消化(包括提高矿物质的吸收)和提高免疫系统。虽然益生菌自然发现在胃和肠子,也可以被发现的天然来源发酵培养的食品饮料中。有很多益生菌的产品在市场,然而,在购买之前,最重要的事情是阅读其产品的每份热量,白糖适量,使用和存储说明等的营养标签。由于大多数细菌只能是生存在较低温度下和一定的pH值,所以购买后一小时内应尽快存放在冰箱中。高温可能会导致细菌变为活跃在1540 ° C,并产生乳酸,直接降低pH值(酸),可以杀死益菌。食用含有益生菌的饮料,可以帮助预防肠道问题,让你可以享受美味的同时能够保护远离疾病。当然,我们确实需要在食物的选择取得平衡和健康。