Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily diet table to control cholesterol

In order to control our cholesterol problem, we should start from our daily diet. Here is my designed table which I would like to share with all of you with several recommendation alternatives for people who are facing cholesterol problem. Remember the phrase "Prevention is better than cure".

Unhealthy choice
Healthy choice
Foods to avoid
Fatty part of meats, chicken's skin, feet, wings and drumstick.
Chicken's breast.

Butter and hard margarine.
Soft margarine (available in cold storage part, will melt in room temperature).

Full cream dairy milk and products.
Low fat milk and dairy products.
Foods to restrict
Internal organs (liver, brain, intestine, lungs).
Limit to once in a month or in 2 months.

Seafood (prawn, fish head, squid, anchovy's head and so on).
Clean well on the internal part (intestine, avoid consuming head portion) and limit to once in 2 weeks.

Egg yolk.
Limit to 2 whole in a week.

Coconut milk.
Limit to 2 tbsp in a week or replace with low fat milk or skim milk.
Foods to reduce
Fried snack (curry puff, french fried , popcorn).
Healthy snack (sandwich, corn in cup, pie).

Ice-cream, cake , cookies.
Yogurt, vegetables (carrot stick, corn, salad) and fruits.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Cholesterol in our body

Folks, is weekdays again! It means the work started. I discovered my blog's traffic during weekend is quite low, people tend to go out often during weekend? Anyway, hope you all had a nice weekend.

Basically, 20% of cholesterol comes from our daily food intake, another 80% is made by our body itself. Thus, if you have a strong genetic of high cholesterol issue, you should be more careful in your food intake. Bad cholesterol can be raise up if consume high amount of fats. High saturated foods (fatty part of meat, full cream dairy products, fried foods or coconut milk) can turn to become cholesterol in our body. Saturated fat can comes from animals and plants sources while good cholesterol can only be raise up through exercise.


I hope after reading this post, you may aware of you need to spend time on building good cholesterol. I bet you won't be risking your own health on consuming high saturated foods.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol comes from animal sources (beef, lamb, pork, egg yolk, seafoods and so on). We can categorize Cholesterol into good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). So good cholesterol is responsible to transport our extra cholesterol out of our body through liver, while bad cholesterol transport cholesterol through blood vessels and deposit among blood vessels or organs. Hard to understand? Just remember we do need cholesterol to build hormone, cell membrane and synthesis bile. Amount of cholesterol needed per day is around 300 mg. If we exceed the amount, the extra cholesterol will deposit in our body and therefore as all know, may increase the risk of heart disease


Hope the people who read this article read more about the cholesterol contain of each food and plan your menu well. You can email me directly if you need any calculation. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diet tips (Hypercholesterol)

Finally, my leg condition is getting better and better after few days of leave. I have been involved in a research project which I think is a very interesting title. No worries, I will share with you all when I am done. This week I am going to talk much on Hyper-cholesterol. Is it overweight or obese people will have high cholesterol problem? The answer is definitely NO. Overweight people might not be the one who have high cholesterol but only tend to have higher risk compare to others. The main reason of high cholesterol is more towards unhealthy lifestyle (consuming high cholesterol food, lack of exercises and genetic factor). So take note of that. 


Stay tuned for my next tips for Hyper-cholesterol. Have a nice day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fruit to choose (Diabetes Patient) [cont]

Hi folks, I am sorry not to post something these few days as I haven't prepared any new topic after my holiday from Chinese New Year. In fact, I just suffered a leg sprain right now. But, one of my friend throws me a question asking whether a diabetes person can eat more than one type of fruit each time? So I prefer to answer here. My view is he/she should take one kind of fruit only each time to avoid more sugar intake. This is because whenever after meal, all type of foods will mix together, which can result in delaying the absorption of sugar inside our blood that is helpful to control our blood glucose level. So, he/she is suggested to choose one favorite fruit to take after meal. Besides, it is not suggested to take fruit during empty stomach such as morning tea or afternoon snack because empty stomach will cause the sugar from fruit being absorb faster and indirectly increase our blood glucose level. So, hope you all take note of it. Thanks.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fruit to choose (Diabetes Patient)

Here is a real case, a diabetes patient just told me that he want to avoid sweet fruits to lessen sugar intake. Honestly speaking, there isn’t any need to avoid any fruits, diabetes patient can go for any type of fruits but within an amount. Unripe fruits contain more starch compare to ripe fruits as ripe fruits already convert starch to sugar for sweeter taste. However, all fruits have it own natural sugar which called as fructose. I recommended diabetes patient should take fruit after his/her main meal and control to 1 portion size only. For example, patient can take 1 apple / 1 orange/ 1 slice watermelon/ 1 slice papaya after finish main meal that contains rice, vegetables and fish. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LittleDiet is back. What should we notice after Chinese New Year?

After one week of Chinese New Year break, is time to concentrate again on my work (hospital, patient and dietary sheets again) and my blog. I ate kinds of meat, fried food and snacks during this Chinese New Year but luckily oops I did it according to my list and limited portion only. No doubt people tend to eat more during festival, so we should now try more vegetable and fruits in the following days such as oats, celery and fruits (I suggest apple as it is cheap and sweet !). They are rich in vitamin, mineral and most important low in calories. I like apple plus celery juice very much as celery did contains more fiber to reduce bad cholesterol and control our body's blood sugar while apple contains high vitamin and mineral. So try a cup and apple celery juice today. And let's make this week a "Fruits and Vege" week after Chinese New Year.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you ready to eat happily during Chinese New Year?

Oops, there are so many works need to be done before celebrating Chinese New Year. I like my blog very much as I receive quite some positive feedback, but Littlediet will rest for few days as the author (me ><) need to go back hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We Chinese usually have vegetable as meal during first day of Chinese New Year. Although vegetable is the main choice, some prefer Meat analogue. Well, I suggest to go for more soy product, add on more vegetable and mushroom as I practice so in my family. 

I would like to advice folks who like to hang out during Chinese New Year, supper is not a smart choice during this festival as you maybe consume a lot for normal meal. Our metabolism starts slower after 8 pm and need rest. If consume high fat or uneasy digest food (fried foods, fried noodles, burger, french fries, fried banana, curry) will burden our gestational (digestion system). At last, those foods might accumulate in specific part of our body especially stomach, hips or waist. Thus, it is not a good habit taking supper.


Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year to every Chinese worldwide.