Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Added SUGAR, added health risk

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I realize a lot of Chinese families are starting to purchase biscuits, drinks, hampers and decoration for home. Hence, I include my recent presentation slide about added sugar, added health risks to promote a low sugar Chinese New Year diet.

The most common beverages that every family will purchase are packet, canned and alcohol drinks. The packets drinks such as chrysanthemum, sugarcane, winter melon or soybean milk will give you around 100 Kcal with 26g sugar (5 teaspoon sugar) for one packet. There are less sugar drinks but still contains 15g sugar (3 teaspoon). Therefore, if you are taking one packet of this drinks, then you're not encourage to take large amount of Chinese New Year biscuits. Those biscuits contain certain amount of sugar, 3 to 6 pieces can give you another 3 teaspoon sugar. Canned drinks such as 100 Plus can give you 3 teaspoon sugar too.

Therefore, during Chinese New Year celebration, watch out your foods and beverages consumption to prevent overindulge extra calories and sugars that increase your weight. Remember, sugary drink is enough for you in a day. Happy Chinese New Year!