Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year, what's your beverage intake?

Chinese New Year is approaching right now. As previous year, we usually buy lots kind of beverages to serve relatives or friends that pay a visit to a host. However, do be a smart consumer as during these happy festive season, you might accidentally overindulge of certain nutrients especially SUGAR!

Usually, we will go for canned drink, packet drink or alcoholic drink. Those canned drink usually can be soft drink serve for 240 ml- 300ml per can. Packet drink can be chrysanthemum tea, sugarcane, winter-melon and soy bean drink. During these festive season, beverages seems to be the best things to be serve and share. However, have you ever limit yourself the number packet/ canned/ cups of sugary beverages you can drink? Sweet drinks can stimulate our serotonin hormone, which is a type of feel good brain chemical that can calm us.
I’m sure some of you are unaware about this, 1 can of soft drink for example 100 plus does contain 16.3g sugar, which is around 3 teaspoon of sugar. 1 can of cincau drink contains 25g sugar, which is 5 teaspoon of sugar. The calories from those drinks normally come from sugar which means protein free, fat free but sugar dense beverages. Just imagine in one day, you take 3 packet of those drinks, you already consume >10 teaspoon  of sugar. This already exceed the limitation from normal person which only allow 10 teaspoon of sugar for a male based on 2000 Kcal/day while only 7.5 teaspoon for female based on 1500Kcal/d.
Thus, a simple advice here, we should beware of beverages intake even though during this enjoyable festive seasons. 1) Always look carefully on beverage choices especially nutrition label before consume or purchase. 2) Restrict yourself from sugary intake if you already take more than 2 cans /packet of those high sugary beverages. 3) Serve plain water or plain tea rather than sweet beverages.
Lastly, happy chinese new year to all chinese reader.
农历新年的到来, 你可能会意外摄取过量的不良营养素-糖!通常我们会购买罐装饮料,包饮料或含酒精饮料。这些罐装饮料通常为每罐240毫升或300毫升。包装水包括菊花茶,甘蔗,冬瓜或含大豆饮料。在这些节日期间,饮用饮料似乎是最普遍的事情。但是,你有尝试限制自己可饮用含糖饮料的数量吗?我想当我们放松时,就会很享受这样的活动。实际上甜食可以刺激我们 的激素- 羟色胺,这是一种让我们感觉良好的大脑化学物质的类型,使我们可以平静。
其实饮料如汽水(100Plus)饮料包含16.3克糖,其中约3茶匙糖。 包装水包含25克糖,约糖5茶匙。从这些饮料的热量通常只来自糖份,这意味着是没有蛋白质,没有脂肪的。试想一下,在一天之内,你饮用3包是已经摄取了超过10茶匙糖。这实际上已经超过世界卫生组织允许糖的摄取量,10茶匙糖是以2000卡路里计算(男性),7茶匙糖是以1500卡路里计算(女性)。
即使在这种愉快的节日,建议大家应提防饮料的摄入量。1) 购买前或喝之前先查看饮料的营养指标才选择。2) 如果你已经摄取了高含糖饮料超过2罐/包后就应限制自己了。3) 多喝白开水或茶,而不是甜的饮料。