Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bring your own lunch to work?

Hi working folks. Hereby I would like to share few tips which I encountered before, bring your lunch box to work. Many of us who work in offices may feel lazy to go out for lunch, they might prefer to bring own lunch box and prepare foods before coming to work. That was a nice move but beware of food safety.

Definitely we need a refrigerator (cold storage) and microwave (heat) in office, this will help us to retain the freshness of the food you prepared and minimize the risk of food poisoning. Also, do seal your food well. Secondly, you should separate your dishes and rice into two different container. Mixed meal can lead to a higher possibility of bacteria growing. Vegetables is a good choice for our meal for nutritional balance but as I mentioned many times, fruits are important too. Meat, eggs and soy dishes are better to be considered as these kind of foods can last longer compare to fish or seafood.

At last, I hope every dishes are completely fry, stew in order to kill the bacteria and can withstand a longer storage time. Happy DIY lunch. Cheers.

现在,很多上班族自带午餐, 自带午餐,只要没有腐败变质食物,不论你带什么,肯定比到街边食店或者预订快餐公司的盒饭要好一些。这个好,不仅仅指节省 金钱,更指营养安全。


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you know how much you need to drink daily?

Hi, good day. It is another week where people keep poking on haze issue and the importance of drinking more water. But, I would just suggest you should drink until a level where you don't feel thirsty. Below is a list showing fluid requirement for a person according to age.

Fluid requirements (ml/kg)
0 – 6 months
6 – 12 months
1 – 3 years
4 – 6 years
7 – 10 years
11 – 14 years
15 – 18 years
>18 years
30 - 35

Adults, if most of time he/she is working under hot weather, then he or she might need extra fluid requirment. The fluid best to be consumed is plain water or mineral water. A normal adults usually need minimum 1800 ml/ day which is 8 glass of water per day. This include all kind of beverages consumption and others high water contents foods (fruits). Meanwhile, high sugary beverages, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol are not encourage to be consumed as water replacement after a heavy exercise. It is due to beverages that will not help in release your thirsty might cause dehydration level worse. For example, coffee and alcohol has diuretic effects that can trigger fluid loss through urination. In the end, you are not replacing water consumption but out of your body. A kind note for all readers is that high sugary beverages can add calories in body, increase body weight gain problem and others health related problems such as diabetes mellitus. Think twice when you are looking for drinks when you feel thirsty.

对于成年人,如果大部分时间在炎热天气下工作,那么他或她可能需要额外的水分补充。最好的水分是白开水或矿泉水。一个正常的成年人,若是60公斤重,那可能需要至少1800毫升即是每天8杯水。这包括所有类型的饮料和其他含水量高的食品(如蔬果类)。含高糖饮料,咖啡,碳酸饮料,酒精其实是不鼓励替代白开水饮用,尤其是在大量出汗后或剧烈运动后。这些饮料不会舒缓口渴问题,反而帮助促使脱水程度。例如,咖啡和酒精,可以通过排尿造成更多的水分流失。虽然含高糖饮料可以补充体内更多的热量,但会造成增加体重的问题,如糖尿病等相关问 。请多加注意。

Friday, July 15, 2011

Littlediet is back - Water to fight against HAZE

Littlediet has been not updated for two weeks. The busy life just doesn't end and weather in Malaysia is below healthy level due to haze. Therefore, water is a appropriate topic to start with.

Have you ever realized that water can give you power or energy too? Can you feel the recharging or refreshing after a mouthful of water? Of course, water do not have any energy, at here which means calories free. It is such a natural precious resources for human, animals, plants and eventhough our lovely planet.

70% of our body make with water. It can conclude that everyone also make from water as water almost occupied ¾ of our body. Water is the most important nutrient for life and has many important functions including regulating temperature, lubricating joints and transporting nutrients and waste throughout the body.

Fluid requirement for each people is different according to age, weight and activity level. Most of the infants since born is able to drink maternal milk only. Maternal milk actually already contains all the nutrients and fluid need for a newborn baby and usually they do not need top up with others fluids such as plain water. Some parents might worry their baby might have inadequiate fluid intake, but actually no worries on that. A newborn baby can easily get adequate fluid intake just from maternal milk where their immune system is not yet being fully develop, thus not strong enough against bacteria in water, better avoid plain water directly like what adults take. After a few weeks, when theie immune system is fully developed especially gut system (being the largest immune system of body), there will be no problem for drinking more amount of plain water. 




Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Low calorie diet for Diabetes Type B Patient?

July is really a busy month, we should all take good care of our own health on the meanwhile of huge workload. Here is a recent article I read and found interesting. Scientists at UK's Newcastle University revealed that type B diabetes condition could be reversed by following an extreme low-calorie diet. They claim that this finding can transforms our thinking on the disease. Eleven people took part in a clinical trial reversed their diabetes by cutting their food intake to 600 calories a day for two months, and seven remained free of diabetes three months later.

Professor Roy Taylor, who led the study. "This is a radical change in understanding type 2 diabetes.

Type B diabetes is caused by an excess of glucose in the blood that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. This research aims to remove fat which was clogging up the pancreas, allowing normal insulin secretion to resume. They believe about type B diabetes is all about energy balance in our body.

I found their research interesting and may change our thought on treating diabetes type B patients. But, I do have questions regard this research such as how can we assure patient's determination on having an extreme low calorie diet?, how this method can 100% works in others population? I am looking forward to their next result with a larger clinical trial. Cheers.