Monday, March 12, 2012

Reduce your sugar intake

You must have heard before about diabetes campaign by health organization, the topic being stress mostly is the benefits of less sugary intake in your daily life. Although practice less sugary intake should be more towards diabetes mellitus patient, it is important for you and me as well. 

Sugar can be differentiate into natural sugar and added sugar. Sugar is a type of Carbohydrate that can provide us the main source of energy. All carbohydrate foods do contain natural sugar included rice, noodles, bread, starchy vegetables (carrot/ potatoes/ corn/ sweet potatoes). For milk, the natural sugar is called as lactose while for fruit, it is called as fructose. For added sugar, certain food or beverage itself that does not contain any sugar was added sugar during the process of production. For example, the added sugar can be find in nutrition label with name such as sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, manitol, corn syrup, honey, malt, malt extract, maltose, rice extract, golden syrup and inverted sugar.

In the market, the original low fat original flavor milk actually contains natural sugar which called as lactose (milk sugar) while for chocolate flavor milk actually contain added sugar which called as sucrose. You can always check for the label before you purchase any foods and beverage to identify natural sugar and added sugar.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), it is recommended that the maximum level for sugar intake is 10 teaspoon based on 2000 Kcal energy intake per day. If you guys follow my previous blog, I’m sure you all know how to calculate energy intake for different people for a day. It should just allow 10% of sugar intake from the total energy intake. For example, if a female daily energy intake is only 1500Kcal, then the maximum energy contribute from sugar should be 150Kcal only, which will be divide by 4 Kcal to get the weight, thus the amount of sugar is 37.5g. If 1 tsp of sugar equal to 5g, means 37.5g equal to 7 and half tsp sugar only for a 1500Kcal female.

As mention above, 1 tsp of sugar (5g) is able to provide 20Kcal. Thus, to burn the 7 and half tsp sugar (150Kcal), you need to do jogging or aerobic exercise for 30 minutes.  However, if you do not burn the daily energy, this 150 Kcal will turn into fat to be accumulate to your abdominal (tummy) and others fatty part. You can just imagine you can increase around 7.2 kg in your weight for a year! 

我相信大家都应该知道减少日常饮食中的糖分摄入,是不仅能够帮助您减少开支,还能帮助你减重或者保持一个健康的理想体重。 当然直接减少糖的摄入更是对糖尿病患者带来更多的益处。