Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Heavy alcohol during year end is a BAD idea

Happy holiday folks. Food and drinks are part of our holidays especially christmas and new year eve. For non-muslim, alcohol is always an option in party and gathering. However, there must be a cost after drinking a lot in a party, thirst, dry, tiredness, headache, nausea and vomiting. Our body uses lot of oxygen to break down alcohol and to prevent that happens, you must drink slowly or take some snacks before drink to slower the absorption. Lemon juice helps if you have headache after drink. Ginger is also a good option which helps in reducing nausea by stimulates digestion.

Lastly, my last advice would be heavy alcohol intake continuously during holiday season increases the risk of cancer. So, plan your alcohol intake well. Happy holiday.


最后我的意见计划酒精摄入量, 才能享受愉快的假期

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Menopause and good nutrition (part 3)

For menopause women, it is very important to stop eating foods that are likely to trigger or worsen hot flushes and night sweats symptoms. This included caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. However, I would like to stress on controlling the frequency and type of beverages in daily life, sweet foods tend to act as sharp rise in your blood glucose level and follow by a sharp dip which leave you feeling tired and drained. For example, when your body tends to get older, its metabolism will slow down with fewer hormones being stimulated. Thus, to avoid unstable blood glucose level, the best way is to control sugary beverage into 1 to 2 cups only in a day. This include several pieces of sweetened pastry or cake but without taking any sugary beverages. One important stuff to avoid - condensed milk, which actually is added with 50% of sugar. 

Normally, women after menopause have higher tendecy for losing more calcium than absorption. Thus, you should maintain adequate amount of calcium intake in your daily diet. For example, 2 cups of high calcium low fat milk can provide you sufficient calcium intake to prevent from osteoporosis problem. For those have issue of intolerance with milk, do remind yourself to consume high calcium dairy products (cheese, yogurt or fortified calcium soy milk) and high calcium foods (anchovies, soft bone fish or salmon). Next, avoid carbonated drinks/soft drinks as they contain phosphates, which can prevent your body in taking up magnesium and calcium. Again, having a balance meal is a key towards enjoying a great life for elderly women.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Menopause and good nutrition(part 2)

Further from part 1, menopause is not just a topic for elderly female or already in menopause period, what should be focus is that every woman should get ready for this menopause period in their later life. A clause saying “Prevention is better than treatment”.

Common symptoms of menopause included heart pounding or racing, hot flashes (night sweat), skin flushing (become red) and sleeping problems (insomnia), headaches, mood swings including irritability, depression, and anxiety and some of them might turn towards forgetfulness. However, good nutrition can helps prevent or reduce certain conditions that may develop during and after menopause.

It is believed that dietary changes may be able to help in relieving those symptoms. The most common one is increase soy products intake due to its isoflavones. Isoflavones is a type of phytoestrogen that can against health disorder. A more comprehensive list of foods known to contain phytoestrogens includes: soybeans, tofu, tempeh, soy beverages, flaxseed/linseed, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, barley, lentils, yams, mung beans, apples and ginseng. 


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Menopause and good nutrition (part 1)

There are cases where elderly women claim about loss of appetite, or taking only one meal each day. Some might felt nausea during meal hours. They might only able to take one cup of malted drinks or biscuits only. I am talking about women who reached menopause period. The problem above raises and it has been certain concern for their eating habit. That's why I am writing here to advice them to take a proper meal with additional vitamins and minerals.

First of all, menopause is about the menstruation becomes less frequent, eventually stop due to the effect of low production of hormone estrogen and progesterone. It normally occurs between the age of 45 and 55. Once the irregular mestruation last for 1 year, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced. Menopause symptoms may last 5 or more years.

However, I just want to share that with good nutrition, you can prevent or reduce certain bad conditions that happen during menopause period. For example, increase consuming soy products, reduce the frequent of drinking alcohol and lesser your spiciness in your food. I will further explain in my next post next week. If you have any questions, feel free to mail me. It helps me understand into individual problem too. 

最近,我面对一些老年妇女声称约日前食欲不振,一天内只吃1餐。他们申诉在用餐时面对恶心的感觉。有时可能只能勉强喝1杯麦片饮料,或者2片饼干。他们大多数的岁数是5060左右。有的更是有心情郁闷情况。他们都是面临更年期。因此,更年期的却会影响到饮食习惯。 这是否意味着他们不能在更年期期间享受生活吗?答案是可以的,只要他们维持健康的饮食和一些额外的维生素或矿物质。


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lactose Intolerance, how to continue calcium intake?

I am happy to receive some readers feedback on my recent calcium topic. There might be people dislike drinking milk or unable to tolerate with milk due to lactose intolerance. Hereby, I suggest you can take other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese to top up your calcium intake. For example, a slice of cheddar cheese with around 60 Kcal is able to provide 240mg calcium but it depends on different brand and milk content during cheese processing. Cheese and yogurt contain less lactose should be well tolerated for those who have lactose intolerance. With 2 slices of cheedar cheese, you will achieve 1/2 serving of protein and get 480mg calcium which is equivalent to 48% of calcium requirement. Once again, the symptoms of lactose intolerance could be abdominal discomfort, diarrhea or nausea, you can have a try on chocolate or others flavour added milk for easy toleration. Else, it is suggested you can start enjoy half glass of milk together with some biscuits or bread rather than just drinks it.

For a cup of low fat yogurt with 139 Kcal can provide you 196mg calcium. The live culture of probiotic is well tolerated. Thus, for those who really don’t like the milk taste, yogurt is a wise choice for you to top up calcium intake. 

有读者询问可能他们不喜欢牛奶的味道或有乳糖不耐症。在这里,建议你可以摄取其他乳制品,如酸奶和奶酪,以补足钙的摄入量。例如,一片约60卡路里的奶酪能提供240mg的钙,这取决于不同品牌和牛奶含量。奶酪和酸奶,含有较少的乳糖, 比较适合乳糖不耐症。只要2奶酪就能提供蛋白质和480mg的钙,这提供了我们48%一天的需要量。如果你只是轻微的腹部不适,腹泻或恶心,你可以尝试巧克力添加的牛奶。否则,建议你开始适应仅仅半杯牛奶混合一些饼干或面包一起


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Checking calcium nutrient

How do we actually look for the right calcium product? From their cover which state "High Calcium" or from advertisement? Let me give you a tip on how to check via food label on calcium nutrients. For normal people 18 to 50 years old, the calcium that we need according to Recommended Nutrients Index show 800 to 1000 mg per day. In addition, teenagers and pregnant women will need extra another 200 mg per day for bone build up and maintenance. Thus, usually a packet of 250 ml full cream milk or 4 tbsp milk powder might provide 185 Kcal and also provide 275 mg calcium which roughly equivalent to 27.5% of your calcium intake in a day. By taking 2 packet or 8 tbsp milk in day already achieve >50 % of your calcium requirement daily which is around 55%. However, for certain milk product which claims to provide high calcium might provide you 400 to 500 mg calcium in a packet of milk. Thus, taking 2 packets will supply you almost 100% calcium intake that you need. Folks, know your own calcium need and be a smart consumer.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone needs Calcium

I wanted to share something about Calcium long while ago but at least I remember today. This will be a very good topic for all group of age. Our bones, particularly the most important part that structure our body, have a peak period for bone building start from age 18 until 25 years old. However, after 30 years old, we tend to lose calcium from bone especially for women. Osteoporosis (fracture of hips, spine and wrist due to porous bone) seems to be a problem for female and male too if we tend to consume low calcium intake in our daily food. Thus, the concern about calcium nutrition is rising and please don't take only old people who need to worry about Osteoporosis but is all age group especially young people.

Our bones mainly are build up from calcium. Our blood, contains certain level of calcium for balance maintenance. Once our blood is lack of calcium, it tends to release hormone for withdraw calcium from bone for balance. Thus, this operation definitely will lead to continuous of calcium being draw rather than build up. Therefore, our bone tends to be porous and fracture as low density of calcium. 

We can notice that most of the milk products focus on calcium nutrition too besides fat contents. It is absolutely a must, milk is the best product that provide adequate calcium for our daily need. Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and fortified soy milk or cereal products are also able to provide the calcium that we need to maintain bone health. So, folks, do pick up more calcium products starting from now on while I will post more details in the coming post. 




Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keep healthy on September

I believe September is a busy month for everyone, I might be one of them. There isn't public holidays fall on this month and lots of event happening too. However, there is a concern on my own health too especially during rainy season. You might caught cold by having flu or cough. Of course, I have my own method in maintaining a good immune body during bad weather - Probiotic. I mentioned Prebiotic and Probiotic in my blog post last month. I consume 2 sachet of probiotic daily and I felt is a good health caution against cold (not to mention I felt not well one day and my friends are having running nose the whole week). I tried few days to remain good condition but the effectiveness is quite individual dependent too.  

To be specific, Probiotic acts as improving our digestion (include enhancing mineral absorption), the effectiveness and intrinsic strength of the immune system. Although probiotics are naturally found in the our stomach and bowels, natural sources can be found in fermented foods or cultured drink too. There are a lot of brands in market, e.g. Yakult. However, before you purchase it, the most important thing is to go through the nutrition label for calories per serving, sugar amount, type of culture strain being use and storage instruction. Most the bacteria can only survive under low temperature and certain pH, high temperature can cause bacteria become active between 15 °C to 40 °C and produce lactic acid that can directly reduce pH (sour) and kill the bacteria. Thus, a cultured drinks should be consumed after outside foods to prevent gut problem, as well as protection against sickness. Of course we need to beaware in food selection, go for a balance and healthy meal. Littlediet wishes everyone have a healthy life in this busy September. 

九月是一个忙碌的月份,相信大家和我一样,雨季和忙碌的日子容易令你生病。我发觉身边的朋友都感冒。 所以,我提议食用多益生菌的产品。益生菌可改善消化(包括提高矿物质的吸收)和提高免疫系统。虽然益生菌自然发现在胃和肠子,也可以被发现的天然来源发酵培养的食品饮料中。有很多益生菌的产品在市场,然而,在购买之前,最重要的事情是阅读其产品的每份热量,白糖适量,使用和存储说明等的营养标签。由于大多数细菌只能是生存在较低温度下和一定的pH值,所以购买后一小时内应尽快存放在冰箱中。高温可能会导致细菌变为活跃在1540 ° C,并产生乳酸,直接降低pH值(酸),可以杀死益菌。食用含有益生菌的饮料,可以帮助预防肠道问题,让你可以享受美味的同时能够保护远离疾病。当然,我们确实需要在食物的选择取得平衡和健康。

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Diet during Ramadan month (cont)

I might be late to post it as Raya festival for Muslim is approaching. Anyway, it is an extra to share about all of it. You should avoid taking salty foods for your "sahur" as these food make you thirstier as more water tends to dilute blood stream.

After the fasting of about 14 hours, you are encouraged to take a light snack before having a fruit named "Kurma". The light snack could be biscuit or bread as taking "Kurma" directly after fasting will trigger the natural sugar of "Kurma" (fructose) to be absorbed faster under empty stomach. Dinner is expected to be a balance meal with carbohydrate, vegetables and protein sources.

In additional, some dinner meal contains excessive sweetened drinks and food, the sugary beverages are believed to relieve from thirsty sensation. However, this indirectly cause you consume addition calories. The correct way I suggested would be take 2 to 3 cups of plain water first before your light snack as mentioned. I have no doubt having plain water is better than sugary drinks to get rid of your thirst. My last advice is take as much as 6 cups of water from dinner till the end of your night.

Lastly, I would like to take this post to send my best wishes to all Muslim friends, Happy Raya festival.


之后,他们将禁食1416小时。当接近傍晚开斋时分,可先吃小吃,如3块饼干,1片面包,然后才能吃kurma,栆子类。 Kurma实际上是属于水果组。因此,有必要采取其他食品之前,避免先吃水果,因为水果中含有天然糖-果糖。果糖往往饿着肚子时会吸收得更快。当做完祈祷后,他们可以像往常一样开始享受晚餐。晚餐也应以碳水化合物,蔬菜和蛋白质等达致平衡。然而,鼓励尽早吃完晚餐,最好是9时之前  

在吃饭的时候,特别开斋时期往往摄取大量的含糖饮料,以减轻口渴的感觉。因此,没有意识到他们实际上摄取了过多的热量,是因为饮料中含糖量高。正确的方法是开斋时先尝试饮用23杯白开水,然后开始时只能食用12件的糕点/饼干小食。 从开斋直到睡觉期间,尽量采取高达6杯的水。然后在早餐期间另一外摄取2杯水,以防止发生禁食期间发生脱水现象。

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diet during Ramadan month (fasting)

This month is a fasting month for all Muslim friends. Diet during this fasting period is important and therefore I am taking this post to discuss about it. Although fasting period ends next week, the diet advice can be a good reference in future.

For early breakfast (or name as "sahur" in Malay, Malaysian often treat it as lunch too), I suggest to make a simple sandwich, 2 to 3 slices of wholemeal or wholegrain bread with a cup of salad (tomato/cucumber), and half boil egg or 2 tablespoon of tuna/sardine. This can provide you adequate amount of carbohydrate, vegetables and protein sources. Vegetable is a need due to its fiber content to slow down the absorption of glucose into blood stream. However, Malaysian usually take heavier set of breakfast such as rice/noodles with vegetables and chicken as an alternative choice.

I would take this opportunity to remind people with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus patient is allowed fasting but under supervision of a physician by adjusting your medicine time and insulin injection. If he/she needs to take an insulin injection around 10 o' clock, it is necessary to take a light supper after that. It can be few pieces of high fiber biscuit or a cup of milk with 2 tablespoon of milk powder. This is a step to avoid hypoglycemia. Whenever hypoglycemia occurs (blood glucose level<3 mmol/L), there is a need to break fasting. The best time to check for you blood glucose level is before "sahur" and after 2 hours meal time. Hope my post did give you hints of diet plan during fasting period. I will explain further on another post tomorrow. Cheers.


首先,他们是必须吃早餐的。这时候的早餐是必须均衡和适量的。例如,他们可以自制三文治,放入23片的麦面包,加上1杯沙拉,西红柿,黄瓜和一颗熟蛋或2汤匙金枪鱼/沙丁鱼。摄取足够的碳水化合物,蔬菜和蛋白质是非常重要的。您可以准备饭菜肉类成为一餐。这包含一杯蔬菜,一条鱼或2片鸡肉,在加上碳水化合物食物如1碗饭// 米粉/ 粿条。在这个斋戒月期间,早餐是一定要吃的,不可不吃,以防止长时间禁食引起低血糖

如果有糖尿病病患在10时左右再注射胰岛素,那么是建议食用宵夜的。这宵夜可以是3片饼干或高纤维饼干或2汤匙奶。这样可避免午夜或清晨时低血糖发生。每当有低血糖发生(血糖水平<3 mmol / L),就不可禁食了。检查你的血糖水平的最佳时间是还未进食前(早餐前)或开斋前(空腹)和进食后的2小时 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple knowledge on prebiotic and probiotic

As mentioned on previous post, prebiotic is a type of non living things (special form of dietary) that act as food sources for good bacteria (pro-biotic). Then, what is probiotic? Probiotic is a type of good bacteria that intend to protect gut system. Further, probiotic is a living bacteria that can’t survive in heat/acidic environment. 

Prebiotics are nondigestible substances that pass through the stomach and small intestine unchanged. Prebiotics enter the colon where they promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. On the other hand, Probiotics are supplements that contain living bacteria. Take note that if these living bacteria dead before entering your gut system, they cannot provide your body any benefit.

If you are parents who are taking care an infant or young child, you will realize there is a lot of infant formula that mention the importance of prebiotic and probiotic and why they are included in formula. Infants and young children tend to have immature gut system, thus these prebiotic and probiotic can help improve their immunity of gut to prevent sickness.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Why do we need Prebiotic & Probiotic?

Even through Littlediet isn't updated for 2 weeks but I have no doubt many readers are still accessing my site and search for information. Thanks for all. It is due to I was over-busy involving in a research project that I personally felt is beneficial for community. I definitely will share my experience with you all in future.

Recently, some of my friends facing health issue like stomachache or constipation during vacation or during their travel to another places for work. Most of them face this problem when they are eating different kind of foods and different habits in a new place. Of course, if only for two days, it won't be a big problem. However, if you are continuously face constipation during the whole week of outstation, I think this will not only make yourself suffer but influence your work performance as well.

What does the above situation means? It means that vegetables and fruits consumption is very important in keeping your gut healthy. Constipation is related with bowel irregularity which I have mentioned in previous post. If you need further information about this topic, you can find it in my blog. But, prebiotic and probiotic is the key to maintain your gut function well. Let's study prebiotic before probiotic, prebiotic is defined as  "non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the digestive system in ways claimed to be beneficial to health". But, what is it actually?

When you are lack of good bacteria in your gut system, your body is unable to fight against pathogen (bad bacteria) and this causes either stomachache or constipation. Thus, we need prebiotic to help us prevent from pathogen attack. Speaking from my view, prebiotic is a type of non living things (special form of dietary) that act as food sources for good bacteria (pro-biotic). It helps in increasing numbers of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The example of prebiotic are oligosaccharides and inulin. Therefore, if your health product claims to contain prebiotic, please read if any several terms of prebiotic are mentioned. The full list of example of prebiotic is availble from here. I don't want post this article long, I will explain prebiotic and probiotic in details for next post.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bring your own lunch to work?

Hi working folks. Hereby I would like to share few tips which I encountered before, bring your lunch box to work. Many of us who work in offices may feel lazy to go out for lunch, they might prefer to bring own lunch box and prepare foods before coming to work. That was a nice move but beware of food safety.

Definitely we need a refrigerator (cold storage) and microwave (heat) in office, this will help us to retain the freshness of the food you prepared and minimize the risk of food poisoning. Also, do seal your food well. Secondly, you should separate your dishes and rice into two different container. Mixed meal can lead to a higher possibility of bacteria growing. Vegetables is a good choice for our meal for nutritional balance but as I mentioned many times, fruits are important too. Meat, eggs and soy dishes are better to be considered as these kind of foods can last longer compare to fish or seafood.

At last, I hope every dishes are completely fry, stew in order to kill the bacteria and can withstand a longer storage time. Happy DIY lunch. Cheers.

现在,很多上班族自带午餐, 自带午餐,只要没有腐败变质食物,不论你带什么,肯定比到街边食店或者预订快餐公司的盒饭要好一些。这个好,不仅仅指节省 金钱,更指营养安全。


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you know how much you need to drink daily?

Hi, good day. It is another week where people keep poking on haze issue and the importance of drinking more water. But, I would just suggest you should drink until a level where you don't feel thirsty. Below is a list showing fluid requirement for a person according to age.

Fluid requirements (ml/kg)
0 – 6 months
6 – 12 months
1 – 3 years
4 – 6 years
7 – 10 years
11 – 14 years
15 – 18 years
>18 years
30 - 35

Adults, if most of time he/she is working under hot weather, then he or she might need extra fluid requirment. The fluid best to be consumed is plain water or mineral water. A normal adults usually need minimum 1800 ml/ day which is 8 glass of water per day. This include all kind of beverages consumption and others high water contents foods (fruits). Meanwhile, high sugary beverages, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol are not encourage to be consumed as water replacement after a heavy exercise. It is due to beverages that will not help in release your thirsty might cause dehydration level worse. For example, coffee and alcohol has diuretic effects that can trigger fluid loss through urination. In the end, you are not replacing water consumption but out of your body. A kind note for all readers is that high sugary beverages can add calories in body, increase body weight gain problem and others health related problems such as diabetes mellitus. Think twice when you are looking for drinks when you feel thirsty.

对于成年人,如果大部分时间在炎热天气下工作,那么他或她可能需要额外的水分补充。最好的水分是白开水或矿泉水。一个正常的成年人,若是60公斤重,那可能需要至少1800毫升即是每天8杯水。这包括所有类型的饮料和其他含水量高的食品(如蔬果类)。含高糖饮料,咖啡,碳酸饮料,酒精其实是不鼓励替代白开水饮用,尤其是在大量出汗后或剧烈运动后。这些饮料不会舒缓口渴问题,反而帮助促使脱水程度。例如,咖啡和酒精,可以通过排尿造成更多的水分流失。虽然含高糖饮料可以补充体内更多的热量,但会造成增加体重的问题,如糖尿病等相关问 。请多加注意。