Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple knowledge on prebiotic and probiotic

As mentioned on previous post, prebiotic is a type of non living things (special form of dietary) that act as food sources for good bacteria (pro-biotic). Then, what is probiotic? Probiotic is a type of good bacteria that intend to protect gut system. Further, probiotic is a living bacteria that can’t survive in heat/acidic environment. 

Prebiotics are nondigestible substances that pass through the stomach and small intestine unchanged. Prebiotics enter the colon where they promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. On the other hand, Probiotics are supplements that contain living bacteria. Take note that if these living bacteria dead before entering your gut system, they cannot provide your body any benefit.

If you are parents who are taking care an infant or young child, you will realize there is a lot of infant formula that mention the importance of prebiotic and probiotic and why they are included in formula. Infants and young children tend to have immature gut system, thus these prebiotic and probiotic can help improve their immunity of gut to prevent sickness.


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