Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diet during Ramadan month (fasting)

This month is a fasting month for all Muslim friends. Diet during this fasting period is important and therefore I am taking this post to discuss about it. Although fasting period ends next week, the diet advice can be a good reference in future.

For early breakfast (or name as "sahur" in Malay, Malaysian often treat it as lunch too), I suggest to make a simple sandwich, 2 to 3 slices of wholemeal or wholegrain bread with a cup of salad (tomato/cucumber), and half boil egg or 2 tablespoon of tuna/sardine. This can provide you adequate amount of carbohydrate, vegetables and protein sources. Vegetable is a need due to its fiber content to slow down the absorption of glucose into blood stream. However, Malaysian usually take heavier set of breakfast such as rice/noodles with vegetables and chicken as an alternative choice.

I would take this opportunity to remind people with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus patient is allowed fasting but under supervision of a physician by adjusting your medicine time and insulin injection. If he/she needs to take an insulin injection around 10 o' clock, it is necessary to take a light supper after that. It can be few pieces of high fiber biscuit or a cup of milk with 2 tablespoon of milk powder. This is a step to avoid hypoglycemia. Whenever hypoglycemia occurs (blood glucose level<3 mmol/L), there is a need to break fasting. The best time to check for you blood glucose level is before "sahur" and after 2 hours meal time. Hope my post did give you hints of diet plan during fasting period. I will explain further on another post tomorrow. Cheers.


首先,他们是必须吃早餐的。这时候的早餐是必须均衡和适量的。例如,他们可以自制三文治,放入23片的麦面包,加上1杯沙拉,西红柿,黄瓜和一颗熟蛋或2汤匙金枪鱼/沙丁鱼。摄取足够的碳水化合物,蔬菜和蛋白质是非常重要的。您可以准备饭菜肉类成为一餐。这包含一杯蔬菜,一条鱼或2片鸡肉,在加上碳水化合物食物如1碗饭// 米粉/ 粿条。在这个斋戒月期间,早餐是一定要吃的,不可不吃,以防止长时间禁食引起低血糖

如果有糖尿病病患在10时左右再注射胰岛素,那么是建议食用宵夜的。这宵夜可以是3片饼干或高纤维饼干或2汤匙奶。这样可避免午夜或清晨时低血糖发生。每当有低血糖发生(血糖水平<3 mmol / L),就不可禁食了。检查你的血糖水平的最佳时间是还未进食前(早餐前)或开斋前(空腹)和进食后的2小时 

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