Sunday, August 28, 2011

Diet during Ramadan month (cont)

I might be late to post it as Raya festival for Muslim is approaching. Anyway, it is an extra to share about all of it. You should avoid taking salty foods for your "sahur" as these food make you thirstier as more water tends to dilute blood stream.

After the fasting of about 14 hours, you are encouraged to take a light snack before having a fruit named "Kurma". The light snack could be biscuit or bread as taking "Kurma" directly after fasting will trigger the natural sugar of "Kurma" (fructose) to be absorbed faster under empty stomach. Dinner is expected to be a balance meal with carbohydrate, vegetables and protein sources.

In additional, some dinner meal contains excessive sweetened drinks and food, the sugary beverages are believed to relieve from thirsty sensation. However, this indirectly cause you consume addition calories. The correct way I suggested would be take 2 to 3 cups of plain water first before your light snack as mentioned. I have no doubt having plain water is better than sugary drinks to get rid of your thirst. My last advice is take as much as 6 cups of water from dinner till the end of your night.

Lastly, I would like to take this post to send my best wishes to all Muslim friends, Happy Raya festival.


之后,他们将禁食1416小时。当接近傍晚开斋时分,可先吃小吃,如3块饼干,1片面包,然后才能吃kurma,栆子类。 Kurma实际上是属于水果组。因此,有必要采取其他食品之前,避免先吃水果,因为水果中含有天然糖-果糖。果糖往往饿着肚子时会吸收得更快。当做完祈祷后,他们可以像往常一样开始享受晚餐。晚餐也应以碳水化合物,蔬菜和蛋白质等达致平衡。然而,鼓励尽早吃完晚餐,最好是9时之前  

在吃饭的时候,特别开斋时期往往摄取大量的含糖饮料,以减轻口渴的感觉。因此,没有意识到他们实际上摄取了过多的热量,是因为饮料中含糖量高。正确的方法是开斋时先尝试饮用23杯白开水,然后开始时只能食用12件的糕点/饼干小食。 从开斋直到睡觉期间,尽量采取高达6杯的水。然后在早餐期间另一外摄取2杯水,以防止发生禁食期间发生脱水现象。

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