Monday, August 15, 2011

Why do we need Prebiotic & Probiotic?

Even through Littlediet isn't updated for 2 weeks but I have no doubt many readers are still accessing my site and search for information. Thanks for all. It is due to I was over-busy involving in a research project that I personally felt is beneficial for community. I definitely will share my experience with you all in future.

Recently, some of my friends facing health issue like stomachache or constipation during vacation or during their travel to another places for work. Most of them face this problem when they are eating different kind of foods and different habits in a new place. Of course, if only for two days, it won't be a big problem. However, if you are continuously face constipation during the whole week of outstation, I think this will not only make yourself suffer but influence your work performance as well.

What does the above situation means? It means that vegetables and fruits consumption is very important in keeping your gut healthy. Constipation is related with bowel irregularity which I have mentioned in previous post. If you need further information about this topic, you can find it in my blog. But, prebiotic and probiotic is the key to maintain your gut function well. Let's study prebiotic before probiotic, prebiotic is defined as  "non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the digestive system in ways claimed to be beneficial to health". But, what is it actually?

When you are lack of good bacteria in your gut system, your body is unable to fight against pathogen (bad bacteria) and this causes either stomachache or constipation. Thus, we need prebiotic to help us prevent from pathogen attack. Speaking from my view, prebiotic is a type of non living things (special form of dietary) that act as food sources for good bacteria (pro-biotic). It helps in increasing numbers of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The example of prebiotic are oligosaccharides and inulin. Therefore, if your health product claims to contain prebiotic, please read if any several terms of prebiotic are mentioned. The full list of example of prebiotic is availble from here. I don't want post this article long, I will explain prebiotic and probiotic in details for next post.



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