Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bring your own lunch to work?

Hi working folks. Hereby I would like to share few tips which I encountered before, bring your lunch box to work. Many of us who work in offices may feel lazy to go out for lunch, they might prefer to bring own lunch box and prepare foods before coming to work. That was a nice move but beware of food safety.

Definitely we need a refrigerator (cold storage) and microwave (heat) in office, this will help us to retain the freshness of the food you prepared and minimize the risk of food poisoning. Also, do seal your food well. Secondly, you should separate your dishes and rice into two different container. Mixed meal can lead to a higher possibility of bacteria growing. Vegetables is a good choice for our meal for nutritional balance but as I mentioned many times, fruits are important too. Meat, eggs and soy dishes are better to be considered as these kind of foods can last longer compare to fish or seafood.

At last, I hope every dishes are completely fry, stew in order to kill the bacteria and can withstand a longer storage time. Happy DIY lunch. Cheers.

现在,很多上班族自带午餐, 自带午餐,只要没有腐败变质食物,不论你带什么,肯定比到街边食店或者预订快餐公司的盒饭要好一些。这个好,不仅仅指节省 金钱,更指营养安全。


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