Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you know how much you need to drink daily?

Hi, good day. It is another week where people keep poking on haze issue and the importance of drinking more water. But, I would just suggest you should drink until a level where you don't feel thirsty. Below is a list showing fluid requirement for a person according to age.

Fluid requirements (ml/kg)
0 – 6 months
6 – 12 months
1 – 3 years
4 – 6 years
7 – 10 years
11 – 14 years
15 – 18 years
>18 years
30 - 35

Adults, if most of time he/she is working under hot weather, then he or she might need extra fluid requirment. The fluid best to be consumed is plain water or mineral water. A normal adults usually need minimum 1800 ml/ day which is 8 glass of water per day. This include all kind of beverages consumption and others high water contents foods (fruits). Meanwhile, high sugary beverages, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol are not encourage to be consumed as water replacement after a heavy exercise. It is due to beverages that will not help in release your thirsty might cause dehydration level worse. For example, coffee and alcohol has diuretic effects that can trigger fluid loss through urination. In the end, you are not replacing water consumption but out of your body. A kind note for all readers is that high sugary beverages can add calories in body, increase body weight gain problem and others health related problems such as diabetes mellitus. Think twice when you are looking for drinks when you feel thirsty.

对于成年人,如果大部分时间在炎热天气下工作,那么他或她可能需要额外的水分补充。最好的水分是白开水或矿泉水。一个正常的成年人,若是60公斤重,那可能需要至少1800毫升即是每天8杯水。这包括所有类型的饮料和其他含水量高的食品(如蔬果类)。含高糖饮料,咖啡,碳酸饮料,酒精其实是不鼓励替代白开水饮用,尤其是在大量出汗后或剧烈运动后。这些饮料不会舒缓口渴问题,反而帮助促使脱水程度。例如,咖啡和酒精,可以通过排尿造成更多的水分流失。虽然含高糖饮料可以补充体内更多的热量,但会造成增加体重的问题,如糖尿病等相关问 。请多加注意。

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