Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lactose Intolerance, how to continue calcium intake?

I am happy to receive some readers feedback on my recent calcium topic. There might be people dislike drinking milk or unable to tolerate with milk due to lactose intolerance. Hereby, I suggest you can take other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese to top up your calcium intake. For example, a slice of cheddar cheese with around 60 Kcal is able to provide 240mg calcium but it depends on different brand and milk content during cheese processing. Cheese and yogurt contain less lactose should be well tolerated for those who have lactose intolerance. With 2 slices of cheedar cheese, you will achieve 1/2 serving of protein and get 480mg calcium which is equivalent to 48% of calcium requirement. Once again, the symptoms of lactose intolerance could be abdominal discomfort, diarrhea or nausea, you can have a try on chocolate or others flavour added milk for easy toleration. Else, it is suggested you can start enjoy half glass of milk together with some biscuits or bread rather than just drinks it.

For a cup of low fat yogurt with 139 Kcal can provide you 196mg calcium. The live culture of probiotic is well tolerated. Thus, for those who really don’t like the milk taste, yogurt is a wise choice for you to top up calcium intake. 

有读者询问可能他们不喜欢牛奶的味道或有乳糖不耐症。在这里,建议你可以摄取其他乳制品,如酸奶和奶酪,以补足钙的摄入量。例如,一片约60卡路里的奶酪能提供240mg的钙,这取决于不同品牌和牛奶含量。奶酪和酸奶,含有较少的乳糖, 比较适合乳糖不耐症。只要2奶酪就能提供蛋白质和480mg的钙,这提供了我们48%一天的需要量。如果你只是轻微的腹部不适,腹泻或恶心,你可以尝试巧克力添加的牛奶。否则,建议你开始适应仅仅半杯牛奶混合一些饼干或面包一起


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Checking calcium nutrient

How do we actually look for the right calcium product? From their cover which state "High Calcium" or from advertisement? Let me give you a tip on how to check via food label on calcium nutrients. For normal people 18 to 50 years old, the calcium that we need according to Recommended Nutrients Index show 800 to 1000 mg per day. In addition, teenagers and pregnant women will need extra another 200 mg per day for bone build up and maintenance. Thus, usually a packet of 250 ml full cream milk or 4 tbsp milk powder might provide 185 Kcal and also provide 275 mg calcium which roughly equivalent to 27.5% of your calcium intake in a day. By taking 2 packet or 8 tbsp milk in day already achieve >50 % of your calcium requirement daily which is around 55%. However, for certain milk product which claims to provide high calcium might provide you 400 to 500 mg calcium in a packet of milk. Thus, taking 2 packets will supply you almost 100% calcium intake that you need. Folks, know your own calcium need and be a smart consumer.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone needs Calcium

I wanted to share something about Calcium long while ago but at least I remember today. This will be a very good topic for all group of age. Our bones, particularly the most important part that structure our body, have a peak period for bone building start from age 18 until 25 years old. However, after 30 years old, we tend to lose calcium from bone especially for women. Osteoporosis (fracture of hips, spine and wrist due to porous bone) seems to be a problem for female and male too if we tend to consume low calcium intake in our daily food. Thus, the concern about calcium nutrition is rising and please don't take only old people who need to worry about Osteoporosis but is all age group especially young people.

Our bones mainly are build up from calcium. Our blood, contains certain level of calcium for balance maintenance. Once our blood is lack of calcium, it tends to release hormone for withdraw calcium from bone for balance. Thus, this operation definitely will lead to continuous of calcium being draw rather than build up. Therefore, our bone tends to be porous and fracture as low density of calcium. 

We can notice that most of the milk products focus on calcium nutrition too besides fat contents. It is absolutely a must, milk is the best product that provide adequate calcium for our daily need. Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and fortified soy milk or cereal products are also able to provide the calcium that we need to maintain bone health. So, folks, do pick up more calcium products starting from now on while I will post more details in the coming post.