Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyone needs Calcium

I wanted to share something about Calcium long while ago but at least I remember today. This will be a very good topic for all group of age. Our bones, particularly the most important part that structure our body, have a peak period for bone building start from age 18 until 25 years old. However, after 30 years old, we tend to lose calcium from bone especially for women. Osteoporosis (fracture of hips, spine and wrist due to porous bone) seems to be a problem for female and male too if we tend to consume low calcium intake in our daily food. Thus, the concern about calcium nutrition is rising and please don't take only old people who need to worry about Osteoporosis but is all age group especially young people.

Our bones mainly are build up from calcium. Our blood, contains certain level of calcium for balance maintenance. Once our blood is lack of calcium, it tends to release hormone for withdraw calcium from bone for balance. Thus, this operation definitely will lead to continuous of calcium being draw rather than build up. Therefore, our bone tends to be porous and fracture as low density of calcium. 

We can notice that most of the milk products focus on calcium nutrition too besides fat contents. It is absolutely a must, milk is the best product that provide adequate calcium for our daily need. Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and fortified soy milk or cereal products are also able to provide the calcium that we need to maintain bone health. So, folks, do pick up more calcium products starting from now on while I will post more details in the coming post. 




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