Thursday, November 24, 2011

Menopause and good nutrition (part 3)

For menopause women, it is very important to stop eating foods that are likely to trigger or worsen hot flushes and night sweats symptoms. This included caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. However, I would like to stress on controlling the frequency and type of beverages in daily life, sweet foods tend to act as sharp rise in your blood glucose level and follow by a sharp dip which leave you feeling tired and drained. For example, when your body tends to get older, its metabolism will slow down with fewer hormones being stimulated. Thus, to avoid unstable blood glucose level, the best way is to control sugary beverage into 1 to 2 cups only in a day. This include several pieces of sweetened pastry or cake but without taking any sugary beverages. One important stuff to avoid - condensed milk, which actually is added with 50% of sugar. 

Normally, women after menopause have higher tendecy for losing more calcium than absorption. Thus, you should maintain adequate amount of calcium intake in your daily diet. For example, 2 cups of high calcium low fat milk can provide you sufficient calcium intake to prevent from osteoporosis problem. For those have issue of intolerance with milk, do remind yourself to consume high calcium dairy products (cheese, yogurt or fortified calcium soy milk) and high calcium foods (anchovies, soft bone fish or salmon). Next, avoid carbonated drinks/soft drinks as they contain phosphates, which can prevent your body in taking up magnesium and calcium. Again, having a balance meal is a key towards enjoying a great life for elderly women.




  1. Half the things that are mentioned here i didn't even knew that women should avoid during menopause! Thank you this blog post has been pretty informational! I'll definitely be sharing it in case there are more women like me out there that are aming the same

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