Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you ready to eat happily during Chinese New Year?

Oops, there are so many works need to be done before celebrating Chinese New Year. I like my blog very much as I receive quite some positive feedback, but Littlediet will rest for few days as the author (me ><) need to go back hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We Chinese usually have vegetable as meal during first day of Chinese New Year. Although vegetable is the main choice, some prefer Meat analogue. Well, I suggest to go for more soy product, add on more vegetable and mushroom as I practice so in my family. 

I would like to advice folks who like to hang out during Chinese New Year, supper is not a smart choice during this festival as you maybe consume a lot for normal meal. Our metabolism starts slower after 8 pm and need rest. If consume high fat or uneasy digest food (fried foods, fried noodles, burger, french fries, fried banana, curry) will burden our gestational (digestion system). At last, those foods might accumulate in specific part of our body especially stomach, hips or waist. Thus, it is not a good habit taking supper.


Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year to every Chinese worldwide. 

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