Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fruit to choose (Diabetes Patient) [cont]

Hi folks, I am sorry not to post something these few days as I haven't prepared any new topic after my holiday from Chinese New Year. In fact, I just suffered a leg sprain right now. But, one of my friend throws me a question asking whether a diabetes person can eat more than one type of fruit each time? So I prefer to answer here. My view is he/she should take one kind of fruit only each time to avoid more sugar intake. This is because whenever after meal, all type of foods will mix together, which can result in delaying the absorption of sugar inside our blood that is helpful to control our blood glucose level. So, he/she is suggested to choose one favorite fruit to take after meal. Besides, it is not suggested to take fruit during empty stomach such as morning tea or afternoon snack because empty stomach will cause the sugar from fruit being absorb faster and indirectly increase our blood glucose level. So, hope you all take note of it. Thanks.



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  2. Is it ok to drink fruit jus during empty stomach??

  3. For normal people, yes. You can drink fruit juice anytime but diabetes patient is different as the intake can increase their blood glucose level.