Monday, February 21, 2011

Cholesterol in our body

Folks, is weekdays again! It means the work started. I discovered my blog's traffic during weekend is quite low, people tend to go out often during weekend? Anyway, hope you all had a nice weekend.

Basically, 20% of cholesterol comes from our daily food intake, another 80% is made by our body itself. Thus, if you have a strong genetic of high cholesterol issue, you should be more careful in your food intake. Bad cholesterol can be raise up if consume high amount of fats. High saturated foods (fatty part of meat, full cream dairy products, fried foods or coconut milk) can turn to become cholesterol in our body. Saturated fat can comes from animals and plants sources while good cholesterol can only be raise up through exercise.


I hope after reading this post, you may aware of you need to spend time on building good cholesterol. I bet you won't be risking your own health on consuming high saturated foods.

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