Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LittleDiet is back. What should we notice after Chinese New Year?

After one week of Chinese New Year break, is time to concentrate again on my work (hospital, patient and dietary sheets again) and my blog. I ate kinds of meat, fried food and snacks during this Chinese New Year but luckily oops I did it according to my list and limited portion only. No doubt people tend to eat more during festival, so we should now try more vegetable and fruits in the following days such as oats, celery and fruits (I suggest apple as it is cheap and sweet !). They are rich in vitamin, mineral and most important low in calories. I like apple plus celery juice very much as celery did contains more fiber to reduce bad cholesterol and control our body's blood sugar while apple contains high vitamin and mineral. So try a cup and apple celery juice today. And let's make this week a "Fruits and Vege" week after Chinese New Year.


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