Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diet for pregnancy (Part 2)

Pregnancy mother has their own nutrition pyramid table like the above image. It is essential to go through especially to learn what do you require most. I strongly recommend to start from protein. The protein intake for pregnancy mother should increase another 7.5 g/d or a total of 62.5 g/day. It is actually calculated based on body weight too. For example, those who are underweight should take at least 10 exchange of protein sources from foods such as 1 whole egg/ 30g tuna/ 30g sardine (1 exchange as breakfast) 120g of fish (1 whole fish), 90g chicken pieces or 1 ½ pieces of tofu (3 exchange) for each meal (lunch and dinner) plus another 2 cups of milk in whole day. The diet of pregnant vegetarian sometimes is lower in vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Ca, Zn, omega-3 and iron, thus; they need  variety plant sources legumes (lentils, chickpea, black-eye pea, black benas), grains (barley, corn, rice), nuts (soy, seeds), yogurt, vegetables and fruits to get sufficient of those nutrients.

在怀孕期间,蛋白质的摄入量应增加额外的7.5克/ 天或共62.5克/天。它实际上是根据体重计算的。例如,那些体重过轻的至少应摄取10份量的蛋白质来源的食物,如1颗蛋/30克鲔鱼/30克的沙丁鱼作为早餐,午餐或晚餐应包括120克或1尾鱼/90克的鸡肉片/1个半件豆腐在每一餐,另加一天两杯牛奶。素食主义的孕妇有时可能不足维生素B12,维生素D,钙,锌,ω-3,铁的饮食,因此需要确保足够的蛋白质包括从植物来源的豆类(扁豆,鹰嘴豆,黑眼豌豆,黑豆),谷物(大麦,玉米,米),坚果(大豆,种子),酸奶,蔬菜和水果,以获得足够的营养。


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