Friday, September 21, 2012

Chocolate diet (cont)

In this post, there will be another 2 examples for chocolate products. The first one is a common biscuit found in hypermarket and second is a muffin from Kenny Rogers.

The famous chocolate biscuit is love by everyone especially during Chinese New Year or other celebrations. This sample shows that 7 pieces contains 13g of sugar which is equal to 2 ½ tsp of sugar. This sample is the smallest packaging from this brand that contains 2 small sachets in which each sachet supply 14 pieces.  Thus, imagine if you consume 1 small sachet which is equivalent to 14 pieces; you consume 280 Kcal, 4g saturated fat and 26g sugar (5tsp). 

As for chocolate muffin from Kenny Rogers, it is providing 225Kcal with 12.3g sugar (2 ½ tsp sugar) and 9.2g fat. Thus, a small chocolate muffin can serve you 15% of energy requirement in a day. If you take more than 2 pieces chocolate muffin  a day, you already take more than 30% energy uptake in a day which has yet included any main meal for that particular day. You can always access their website to get their meal nutrition facts.

There are many products which you can find. Try to go to the product website to find if any nutrition facts being publish and you definitely will learn more.



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  1. reading your post makes me crave these all the more. by the way i really like your blog. it has all the amazing things that one might need to read. keep us updated with more