Monday, October 15, 2012

Biscuit (Original vs Less Sweet)

When you are pushing a trolley in a market and pass through biscuit department, you might find a brand which offers a biscuit package but in 2 different types - Original and Less Sweet.

One of the example is "Chips more" by Kraft. According to the nutrition facts, it shows 2 pieces of original flavor chipsmore provide 110Kcal with 15.8g sugar (>3tsp) and 4.6g fat.  Whereas for less sweet. chipsmore provide 98Kcal with 6.5g sugar (>1tsp) and 4.3g fat. It show that less sweet product provide 50% lesser of sugar compare to its original. Thus, to prevent consuming much of sugar, less sweet should be a better choice compare its original.


I hope through more examples and advice, we as a consumer will choose food products wiser. TV ads maybe attractive, word of mouth maybe influential, but the true facts of the food won't lie.

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  1. Xylitol is looking so good substitute for sugar. I hope it will be commercially replaced by sugar at some time in future so many carbohydrates related disease will be reduce by taking this step ..