Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Food relates to Cancer

After reading an article related to toxic substances, it appears that these substances did appear in our food especially processed food or packaged food. An example is the DEHP that appears in the pearl of milk bubble tea and also instant noodles. 

There are some studies found that excess energy intake was more dangerous than excess fat intake in increasing tumor yield in various chemical carcinogenesis models; excess fat induced more tumors than excess carbohydrates or excess protein when tested in isocaloric diets. Excess body mass (high level of body mass index, BMI) is associated with increased risk of cancer of endometrium, breast and colon adipose tissue is rich in aromatase which converts androstenedione to estrone, thus increase the stimulation of endogenous steroid hormones (estrogens and testosterone). Therefore, maintaining an ideal body weight is very important to reduce risk of cancer and others type of diseases.

For example, if you are taking western dish or buffet, try avoid choosing chicken wings (fatty skin), charred part of meats or internal organs that cooked at high temperatures.There are foods contain substances such as heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that found in charred part of fried, grilled or barbeque meats (steak, hamburger patty, pork chops or bacon which is a cancer causing substances (carcinogens) ). HCAs form on the surface of meat from creatinine, amino acids, and sugars. PAHs can be found in other charred foods, as well as in cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes. To reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, again, reduce your meat consumption or adopt simple changes in meat preparation techniques that reduce or eliminate production of these compounds.

This article might sounds like a theory of a subject. However, there is actually no any food that can fully reduce the risk of getting cancer, but there are some sort of “good” combination of foods to maintain your health status. We always emphasize on balance meal. Balance meal is the best combination of foods to ensure adequate nutrients with appropriate amount of variety food intake. Don’t be a picky eater, get more variety in your dish especially vegetables, good source of complex carbohydrate as well as protein.

最近,我们在食物选购方面必须提高警惕,尤其是对有毒物质的出现,特别是加工食品及包装食品。在此之前,我们听到关于珍珠奶茶的问题, 最近又听到方便面的有毒事件。




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  1. Not my cup of tea if I am being honest. In my opinion, bananas and yogurts dont go well together, but I will check it out to see if you can change my mind