Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A further example of nutrition fact

This is a type of cultured drink (Yakult - a probiotic milk-like product) in which 1 serving with 80ml provide 62Kcal. It contains around 14.6g sugar. For this beverage, the CHO mostly is sucrose where 94% calories supply by sugar from total calories.  Thus, this is actually a high sugary content beverage. Of course, this type of cultured drink can be consume with its probiotic content. Yet, it is better to limit to 1 bottle per day which can help in promote digestion but with moderate consumption of sugar.

Next, above is a type of low fat chocolate milk. It shows 1 serving with 250ml and provides 185 Kcal. It actually different from low fat original flavour milk. It contains high calories with extra calories supply from sugar (sucrose) which is 15.8g. Sucrose supply 34% from total calories. This is related to chocolate or any type of flavour milk by adding more sugar to make it more palatable. If you take a look on low fat original milk, it actually contains natural sugar which is lactose. Thus, it is more advisable for diabetic patient to take original flavour rather than added flavour milk. The second picture is also a type of low fat milk too as 100g serve 2.1g fat. However, we need be caution with its sugar content.

I hope you all can understand why consumer should learn how to read a nutrition label from a product. We can know lots of nutrition information by reading the label. Cheers.


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