Saturday, February 11, 2012

A simple example of nutrition fact

To the best of my knowledge, we actually allow diabetes patient to take sugar in their diet with limitation to 10% from total calories. For example, if a female is allowed to take 1500 Kcal for one day, the maximum sugar intake is around 37.5g per day. However, we should know that this amount also includes the sugar inside your daily food especially carbohydrate foods or drinks especially your staple foods such as rice/bread/noodles and even snack. So you can imagine how much calorie intake from daily food only. Let me give you all my real observation of nutrition content that we might purchase.
The label is in Malay and sorry for bad image quality.
This is a concentrate calcium chocolate milk. Most of the people take it as a high calcium beverage as it can provide 650mg per packet. 1 packet serves for 1 serving with 125ml and provides you 85 Kcal.. For CHO content, it shows 13.1g which can divide to 7.5g sugar and 5.6g lactose. Lactose is a type of sugar naturally occurs in milk and should not count as added sugar. Thus, there is only 7.5g sucrose being added to increase the flavour of milk. However, it contributes 35 % calories from the total calories. Lets me explain why this is a type of low fat milk. The fat content per 100ml is 1.3g which is < 3g according nutrition facts that I have posted previously. Thus, it is still a good beverage choice for us to consume as it's high calcium and good protein sources with low fat content. Just bear in mind, when comparing this beverage to other zero nutrient beverages such as soft drink / carbonated drinks (16.3g sugar), milk seems to be more beneficial for our health.

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