Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's protein again?

From my experience, currently those who voice that their weight losing diet is working just by changing their eating habit by cutting down protein consumption. For example, they will avoid taking meat and fish, just picking rice and vegetables only. I will emphasize on how to get a balance meal especially not to forget the protein source. Inadequate of protein will lead to weak immune system, vulnerable to infection or sickness (fever, sore throat, running nose, weakness). The cooking method and food choices for protein sources are very important to determine calories and fat content that we consume. Choosing the right protein is able to provide good nutrients as well as maintaining strong immune system against sickness. In addition, animal sources of protein included red meats (lamb, beef, and pork), white meats (chicken, turkey), egg white and milk. Plant sources of protein included taufu, tempeh, fucuk, others soy products and legumes (lentils, pea, beans).

For each main meal, I do advice to include at least 2 exchange of protein for female while 3 exchange for male based on different calories intake. 

1 exchange of protein  7g protein  35-65 Kcal. 

To achieve at least 15% of protein intake from total calories: 
For female, you should take 4 to 5 exchange of protein based on 1500 Kcal per day.
For male, you should at least consume 5 to 6 exchange protein based on 2000Kcal per day. 

However, if you are having renal problem or others health related issue that need protein restriction, remember to get consultation from your physician or dietitian. On the other hand, if you are having problems that require high protein intake, female can increase 20% of protein intake from total calories which is equal to 7 exchange protein in a day while male can take up 9 to 10 exchange protein in a day.

To know the amount of protein that you have taken, you should learn how to estimate portion size for 1 exchange of protein. 

1 exchange of protein  1 matchbox (40g) of fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork or ½ of drumstick, 1 egg white, 2 slices of cheddar cheese, ¾ pieces of taufu (soy bean curd) or 1 ½ sheets of Fucuk (30g) and 1 cup of milk. It is suggested that the main meal of lunch or dinner should consume 2 exchanges of protein by taking 1 whole fish (80g)/ 2 match box of lean meats(80g)/ 2 egg white or 1 ½ pieces of taufu.  There will be total of 4 exchange protein from lunch and dinner for female. Another exchange of protein is at least 1 cup of 4 tbsp of milk during breakfast or supper to get total of 5 exchanges of protein in a day. For male, to get up to 6 exchange of protein, you are suggested to take 3 exchange proteins for each lunch and dinner.

Please refer to a portion size guidelines:


女性应在每个主餐应包含至少2个蛋白质,而男性则需要到 3个蛋白质。1个蛋白质等于到7克的蛋白质,能够提供3565卡路里。为了在总热量摄取至少15%的蛋白质,我们应该确保我们每天摄取45个蛋白,这是女性是以每天1500卡路里为基础。而对于男性,达到总热量的15%,至少需要摄取56个蛋白质以2000卡路里为基础。但是,如果您有肾脏的问题或其他的健康问题,而需要限制蛋白质的摄入量,记得要咨询您的医生或营养师的建议。以上是为正常人的蛋白摄取量。如果您有问题需要高蛋白质摄入量,可提高到20%的蛋白质,女性可摄取每天7个蛋白质,男性可以摄取9个至10个蛋白质。

因此,首先你应该学会如何估计为1个蛋白质的大小以确认需摄取多少的蛋白质。动物的1个蛋白等于1个火柴盒大小的(40克)鱼,鸡肉,牛肉,羊肉,猪肉或半只鸡腿,1个蛋白,2片切达奶酪,1块豆腐或1张半腐竹(30克)或1杯牛奶。建议在午餐或晚餐的主餐,至少食用一尾鱼(80克)或者瘦肉(80克)/ 2个蛋白/ 2块豆腐以达到每餐摄取2个蛋白质。这样女性就可在一天里摄取到足够的4个蛋白质。另1个蛋白质则鼓励食用4汤匙牛奶/一杯在早餐或临睡觉前,这样就可摄取到5个蛋白质。男性若要摄取达6个蛋白质,建议在每个午餐和晚餐都摄取3个蛋白质。  


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