Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New generation of Ice Cream: Sweet and sugar free!

Today, I read about an article of a Singaporean guy starts a cool ice cream shop 'Sugalight', selling sugar-free ice cream. Totally impress as he dedicated sugar-free ice cream for his dad who suffers diabetes medication but he is an ice cream person. The secret behind sugar-free ice cream - Xylitol.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute, it is found in fibrous vegetables and fruit. Perhaps it has another function as well,  Xylitol is beneficial for dental health. With the correct ingredient and correct formulation, I believe a sugar-free ice cream will be definitely wide acceptable in future. The best part about xylitol is it is not about ice cream, it can be attached in desserts and I can't wait to try one! 

今日读了一篇新加坡開雪糕店 ‘Sugarlight',賣無糖雪糕的新闻。原來老板的父親患上糖尿病,每天都必須服用藥物控制血糖水平,但他喜歡吃雪糕等甜食,所以老板才研制又甜又不會高血糖的雪糕。秘诀在于自然的木糖醇,是玉米、蘑菇等果品、蔬菜自然製造的一種糖。木糖醇和白糖的甜度相似,也不會被口腔里的細菌發酵利用,因此也可以減少蛀牙的幾率。

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  1. I don't agree with this formulation of Sugar free ice cream made by is it at all which is the sugar substitute. making an ice cream this way should be tested medically first because every person has a different physiology