Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A visit to Hong Kong

Year 2012 is quite a happening year for us, and step into 2013, I took a trip to Hong Kong. I was wondering if I could have a visit to a hospital in Hong Kong to understand their job scope and how it differs from my current work. Without any preparation, I came to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong. I appreciated the kindness of Miss Lena who gave a brief introduction of  dietetic department work.

Front view of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Booking hotline.

A chapter of Christmas diet to encourage people having a healthy and happy Christmas meal.
This is my first time having an experience in understanding foreign dietetic practices and workflow even-though I traveled quite a number of times. The first differences I think is their dietitian department is using a centralized catering order system which is practiced in few hospitals as well. This can achieve a standardize therapeutic. Their clinical management is still towards diet manual from Europe side (with scientific evidence) and is similar to what Malaysian dietitian are practicing. I am happy to have these inputs and hope to have the next opportunity.


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  1. Hong Kong is indeed a very happening city. Now it would be more happening as Disney world is going to open there soon! No need to go USA for Disneyland now!