Thursday, May 5, 2011

Energy Intake Calculation

Good day, is time for us to learn how to do simple calculation on BMI and calories Kcal. For energy intake calculation, the first data you need is your current weight and height. Base on formula, you should start from calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). It is very easy, BMI=weight (kg)/Height (m2). If your BMI is among range of 18.5 until 22.9 for Asian people means is a normal weight; for Caucasian people, BMI is within 18.5 till 24.9 for a normal body weight. Then, your energy intake will be similar as my previous post What's your calorie in a day? . For those underweight with BMI<18.5, you will need an additional of 500 Kcal in a day, for overweight (BMI >23 Asian, >25 Caucasian) or obese (BMI >25 Asian, >30 Caucasian), you need to minus 500 Kcal for your daily calories. The minimum calorie intake for those under self control overweight or obese is 1200 Kcal. This is a friendly reminder to those who tend to skip meal due to weight control and so on. You should not consume below than this calorie intake unless you are under physician or dietitian supervision. This is because low calorie intake can lead to several health problem, so treat it seriously and be responsible. Hope you enjoy this information and start measuring today.

对于卡路里的摄入量计算,你第一个需要的数据是现在的体重和身高。根据公式,开始计算你的身体质量指数。这是很容易计算,身体质量 =  体重(公斤) / 身高(平方米2。在亚洲国家,如果你的身体质量指数在18.522.9范围内,是属于正常体重; 白种人的身体质量指数18.524.9代表正常。你的卡路里摄取量就是如之前我所提议的  What's your calorie in a day? 。对于那些身体质量BMI<18.5,则需要每天添加而外的500卡路里,超重者(亚洲人身体质量BMI>23,白种人身体质量BMI>25)或肥胖亚洲人身体质量BMI>25; 白种人身体质量BMI>30),需要每天减少500卡路里。超重或肥胖者,根据自我的最低控制卡路里摄取量为1200卡路里。因此,您是不应该摄取比1200卡路里还要低的卡路里,除非你是在医生或饮食治疗师的监督下。这是因为过低的卡路里可导致严重的健康问题,所以应该认真控制。

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