Sunday, May 15, 2011

A simple case study of calories calculation

Hi, it's a frustrating yesterday as Blogger was down and my latest post was somehow missing until it appeared again after fixed. Well, hope similar incident is not happening again.
Lets take an example for calorie calculation of snack that I collected from a patient. She took a piece of chocolate which contains 135 Kcal, a cup soy milk contains roughly 150 Kcal and one small box of raisin with 45 Kcal with dietary fiber 1g. The total calories for her snack would be around 330 Kcal. From this example, we should determine the balance of macronutrients distribution towards a food choice. We know that chocolate contains high amount of saturated fat and sugar, so it is not desirable for daily consumption, I recommend to only take once or twice in a month.While soy milk is a type of drink which is high in protein, a type of good source of plant protein, suitable for daily consumption for normal people. If you are a diabetes patient, you might need to be aware on the sugar level in the food label of your snack. The last item- raisin which is high in dietary fiber is suggested to take in daily in order to achieve 20-30g dietary fiber in a day. Thus, from my explanation, we can determine which type of foods that can provide benefits to our body rather than just depends on calories counter, others factor are needed to be consider (such as medical history, family medical history (gene) and your current health condition).


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