Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calories you should take (Overweight)

Hi, it is just nice to have a short holiday and recharge your mind as well as relax from your hectic work. Here is one main thing I notice during my holiday which relate to the recent topic, I saw many groups of overweight person having seafood cuisine dinner and with a large amount of foods too. Of course, it is definitely not a proper meal for overweight/obese person and honestly some patients hate dietitian mumbling on their eating and so on. But, thats my job and I still stick to my concept "Eat to live healthier". Those who are overweight or obese can choose NOT to directly undergo a drastic cut off of calorie intake immediately due to metabolism problem and self control determination. It is suggested you should observe how much calorie intake in your usual daily life (try to collect the food you ate daily and calculate at night before sleep), then slowly cut down around 500 Kcal from your total intake. For example, if your usual intake is around 2500 Kcal in a day, then it is suggested you should try on cut down to 2000 Kcal first, then after few weeks of used with the energy intake then only decrease calorie intake again to 1500 Kcal.



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