Saturday, June 4, 2011

A BMI widget

Few days ago when I was trying on blogspot widget to find if any BMI calculator to be added into my page, it turns out to be widget with ads or Europe standard of measurement parameters. So I decided to write one, this is my first time writing HTML code and I hope is good enough to produce a simple and nice widget. Anyway, HTML5 tutorials lessen my job a lot. From here as a starting point, I will roll out more calculator for dietary related in future. Based on the BMI calculator I designed, it is in kilogram for weight and centimeter for height. If you wonder how to convert from a standard to another, below provide a little tips for you all.

You are 1.61 m, 50 kg

1kg=2.2 pounds
50kg=50x 2.2=110 pounds

1 feet= 12 inches
1 inches= 2.54 cm
1.61m= 161 cm
161 divide by 2.54 =63.4 inches
63.4 divide by 12= 5 feet 3 inches

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