Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegetarian diet - Protein?

Littlediet continues with the topic of vegetarian diet. When we develop vegetarian diet in our daily life, we directly practice a healthier eating habit. As known, vegetarian diet can increase vegetables, legumes, nuts and fruits consumption and reduce meats intake. Meats especially red meats (beef, lamb, pork) contain high saturated fat and cholesterol (for skin part, fatty part, internal organs (liver, heart)). Meats will make our blood more acidity while plant sources of foods make our blood alkaline. Our body needs a neutral condition for optimal organ function. When we reduce those harmful substance intake and replace with healthier green foods, those healthy foods will acts as a cleaner to help us detoxify those harmful substances and alkaline blood stream in our body. Thus, well balanced vegetarian diet is appropriate for all stages of life.
Vegetarian diets have been described as being deficient in several nutrients including protein, iron and others nutrient. Therefore we should include as complete as possible for type Amino acids (protein) in our daily meal. Unless we plan carefully, else vegetarian diet may be nutritional inadequate. Plant sources of protein include legumes (soybeans; peanut; beans (pinto, navy, baked beans, red beans, mung beans, kidney bean), and peas (blackeye, chickpea), grains, nuts and seeds. Plant sources of protein differ from animal sources such as meat, milk, and eggs in that most plant sources are not complete proteins. A complete protein is one that contains all the essential Amino acids (EAA) in sufficient amount for growth and maintenance tissue support. Those EAA is unable to be produced by our body but is needed in our body. Therefore, a vegetarian who doesn't plan his/her meal right may end up suffering from low level of one or more essential amino acids. Well, you don't really need complete proteins all in the same meal, simply make sure you eat a variety of protein sources throughout the day, from nuts to seeds, to rice and grains. Another option is to get some soy into vegetarian diet because it offers a complete protein. To vegetarian, take note of diet planning!


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