Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vegetarian diet

Hi, littlediet is back. The new topic will be covering all about vegetarian, just because I found that there are lesser related information we can grab online. Choosing between a vegetarian diet and a meat-eating diet is a very personal and individual decision that should be made with as much information and education as possible. 
If you plan to include 1 to 2 times of vegetarian diet in your weekly meal, you are giving yourself a chance to enjoy more variety of vegetables at the same time support for earth to reduce dependency on animals and animal’s products. Besides, you might be able to avoid some negative consequences of animals and animals products on our bodies. This is relating with some issues that animals are raised with the use of antibiotics and growth hormones, especially commercial meats (sausage, nugget, ham and others processed foods). Farmers use antibiotics on their livestock to prevent them from the diseases of animals while growth hormones are being used for animals to grow larger in a short period. This can let them earn more in a short season. Recently, there are news reports about fake meats being sold around the market (Although I haven't encounter similar case in hospital, these kind of case is popular among society). Thus, we should choose products from reliable supplier or try to reduce frequency of consuming meats and say 'hi' to vegetarian diet. But, is vegetarian diet provide us the adequate nutrient we need daily? Is vegetarian diet suitable for children who are having growing period? The answer to this question will be reveal slowly in next few post. Cheers.


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