Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Diet for Pregnancy (Part 3)

Hi all, wish you having a good health during this summer. I'm going to wrap up pregnancy topic this few days as I have prepared it long while ago. I am in the midst preparing new topic as well. Hope any women who "soon to be mummy" can still get some tips through this post.

For brain intellectual, learning ability and fetal vision development, as we know, omega-3 fatty acids included DHA and EPA seems to play an important part for it. Omega-3s have been found to be essential for both neurological and early visual development of the baby. Omega-3s are also used after birth to make breast milk. Research has confirmed that adding EPA and DHA to the diet of pregnant women has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby. Studies have also shown that higher consumption of omega-3s may reduce the risk of allergies in infants. Hence, it is advisable for pregnant women to gain good sources of omega 3 fatty acids - mostly comes from deep sea colded fish. For example, salmon, tuna and mackeral, sardines, anchovies, and herring. Thus, we do encourage pregnant mother should take at least one meal in daily life with the portion size can be around 60-90g boneless part or up to 120g include bone. Adequate portion size can ensure we get sufficient omega-3 as well as protein intake. If you already take adequate portion size of omega 3 from diet, it is not necessary to take fish oil supplements. However, if you go for a try, choose a high quality fish oil supplement from a reputable manufacturer that delivers the health benefits of EPA and DHA without the risk of toxicity.The normal range for omega 3 fatty acid for pregnancy women is 300 mg DHA daily.

我们知道,ω-3脂肪酸DHAEPA,对大脑智力,学习能力和胎儿的视觉发展是非常重要的。ω-3脂肪酸被认为是对婴儿的视觉神经和早期发展重要的。 ω-3脂肪酸也对母乳非常重要。研究已经证实,添加EPADHA对孕妇的饮食和宝宝的视觉和认知发展产生积极作用。研究还表明较高的食用ω-3脂肪酸(EPADHA的摄入量)可降低婴儿过敏症的风险,降低先兆子痫的风险,并可能增加出生体重。 ω-3缺乏,也增加了母亲的抑郁症的风险。良好的ω-3脂肪酸来源大多来自深海鱼。例如,鲑鱼,金枪鱼和鲭。因此,我们鼓励孕妇应至少一天里应吃至少一餐。一餐鱼的份量大概食用6090克的去骨部分或到120克包括骨。当我们从我们的天然食品获得充足ω-3脂肪酸,实际上是没有必要再摄取ω-3脂肪酸补充剂。不过,如果你去尝试,要选择高品质的鱼和有信誉的生产厂家购买。儿童和孕妇应避免吃那些潜在的汞污染的最高级别(如鲨鱼,旗鱼,鲭鱼或方头鱼)鱼,较低的汞的鱼包括罐装淡金枪鱼,鲑鱼,鳕鱼,鲶鱼。

For pregnant women who is a coffee/tea lover, Caffeine can lead to less healthy life for pregnant mother. Caffeine can increase heart rate, diuretic (loss fluid) and stimulate central nervous system. Caffeine can pass from maternal to fetal blood that relates to miscarriage problem. If you really like coffee/tea, try control your intake to <4 cups/day.


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  1. This is a very useful diet for a soon to be mother to follow. it could help a lot with the health of an infant and could prepare a mother for whats to come!