Monday, July 16, 2012

Weight gain while vacation traveling

As I mentioned in a tweet few days ago, there was a survey conducted by FLY THOMAS COOK to determine which destination is worst for your waistline. The new released survey result was really interesting especially the reasons that contribute to weight gain during your travel. Hereby I share two info-graphics of the results and I hope you will find your reason of returning home with extra weight instead of extra luggage and how to avoid it.

You can't expect yourself to eat more than 3 or 4 meals a day during your trip, in fact, you shouldn't. I am not a traveler to Europe or middle eat countries, so I can't exactly point out the reasons that contribute to weight gain or loss during the trip to any selected country (that is probably why I'm so attracted to this survey, good research on the factors). 

However, I would like to give some comments on the second info-graphics about the reasons of weight gain or loss. In my opinion, the type of travel could be a strong factor that affect weight as well. For example, if traveler prefer a backpacker vacation which involves a lot of adventure of outdoor activities such as juggle trekking, walking, hiking or snorkeling that can use up a lot energy, then it might lead to weight loss (more exercise and hot weather country for outdoor activities). On the other way, if traveler is following a trip or on behalf company for a meeting/conferences, then he/she might spend most of the time relaxing, hanging around with friends (lots of alcohol drinks or sugary drinks), chatting, discussion and less physical activity but on the same time consume same amount of foods that can lead to high energy consumption rather than energy expenditure, it will cause weight gain. For example, if a person practice a balance diet with around 2000Kcal per day and has a routine exercise, a vacation with low activity level or no exercise but consuming same amount of 2000Kcal diet in a day also can lead to weight gain problem (trying new food, less exercise).

As mention above, alcohol does contain energy that lead to weight gain problem. 1g alcohol supply equals to 7Kcal.  Generally, 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine and 1.5 oz of liquor (vodka, whiskey) contain ½ oz pure alcohol that considered as one drink. Hence, one drink can supply you around 105Kcal. The maximum allowance for male in a day is up to two drinks while one drink for female in a day. Beware that an uncontrollable trip with high alcohol consumption can lead to liver problem such as fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, diabetis mellitus or hypertension as well. 

At last, I would like to stress on few interesting points from the survey:

a) Destination recommended for weight gain: Cyrus, Turkey, Portugal, United State. (As I know, Cyrus is a mix culture country with wide variety of Europe, Turkish and  Greek dishes. Well, if I'm the visitor, I will tend to try different kind of foods and cheap too)

b) Three countries recommended to lose weight: Germany, Canada, Ireland (The higher volume of exercise leads to support the statement as mentioned in the full report)

c) Nearly three out of four women and two out of five men said alcohol consumption led
to their weight gain.

I hope you all have your find it useful and feel free to leave your comments. I will update this post again with more interesting fact from the survey. Have a nice day!


  1. I agree with your article, Due to diet change we can gain weight when traveling.

  2. haha i wonder where Malaysia stands?