Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food habits during weight control

The new topic I would like to introduce is related to weight control. What bad habits you shouldn't practice during your weight management period? The first bad habit is Skipping Meal.

A lot of people think that skipping meal is a good way to control calorie intake (include some of my patients). This is absolutely a wrong concept. When a person tends to skip meal, it may lead to excess amount of food intake duirng next meal or snacking habit. Here is what you should know, our body metabolism have a routine metablic rate and it secrete appropraite amount of hormone and enzymes which are helpful in daily life. For example, when we tend to have an irregular meal time, it will cause abnormal hormones and enzymens function that indirectly affect our normal body function. A lot of problems occur after that include imbalance hormone especially for girls, loss of appetite, inadequate macronutrients and micronutrients, slow metabolism, swelling problem, weight static and others illness. The worst case can lead to chronic disease such as gastritis, ulceration (excess stomach acid secretion) and heart problem. Our body need foods, if we are able to practice a regular meal time and appropriate food choice with healthy exercise, you can reach an effectiveness in weight control.


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