Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to calculate calories?

Hi, is time to post something new. There is a phase about "Live to eat or eat to live", so which type are you? For me, I do prefer enjoy eat to live. For sure, food is the only main components that support our life, but do you know how to calculate calories for your food intake? You can read the nutrition information for the food you take but wouldn't it is wiser if you can calculate by yourself? In the following post, I will review a simple way to calculate so that you may know your intake is too little or too much for you weight. 

Actually calorie intake for everyone is very individualizing, the factor to determine your calorie intake is base on your body weight, height, gender, age and daily activities.  Male normally need more energy intake compare to female due to their high metabolism and body size. Teenagers and pregnant women also need extra energy for their current condition; teenagers needs for growth and development while pregnant mother needs extra for their babies. There are a lot to be mention on calories calculation and I will break down post by post for this and next week. Cheers.



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