Monday, April 18, 2011

Starchy carbohydrate and simple sugars

Starchy Carbohydrate

Simple Sugars

Further to last topic, we should choose carbohydrate foods wisely according to our need during weight control. Carbohydrate sources can be differentiate into starchy type and simple sugars. Starchy carbohydrate included rice, mee, bread, oats, biscuits and tubers vegetables (potatoes, corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins). As long as we are able to control the portion size of starchy food for each meal then avoid incident of excess intake. For example, female can have a breakfast of 2 to 3 pieces of bread/ 1 chinese bowl of rice or 6 pieces of plain biscuit. For male, a breakfast can be maximum 4 pieces bread, 2 cup rice or 9 pieces of plain biscuit. However, when we look on simple sugars such as candy, sugar added in coffee, malted drinks, canned drink, ice-cream, chocolate, creamy biscuit, pastry and also cake, we ought to control those high sugars food intake. Even a small amount like 1 canned drink per day can lead to the risk of weight problem and others chronic disease. Thus, try to reduce the frequency for those food consumption and limit to once in two weeks or even avoid it.

减肥期间,我们应控制碳水化合物的吸取。碳水化合物的食物来源,可以分化为淀粉类和简糖。淀粉包括饭,面,米粉,河粉,面包,燕麦,饼干和块茎蔬菜(马铃薯,玉米,胡萝卜,红薯,南瓜)。只要我们能够每餐控制淀粉类食物,则可以避免摄入过多。例如,对于女性,早餐可以饮食23片面包/ 1碗饭/米粉/ 河粉或6块普通饼干。而对于男性,可以采取最多4块面包,2杯米/米粉或9块普通饼干。然而,简糖的食物如糖果,加糖咖啡/麦芽饮料,罐装饮料,冰淇淋,巧克力,饼干或糕点,奶油蛋糕等,我们真的需要控制这些高糖食物的摄入量。即使像一罐装饮料每天饮用也可导致体重问题的风险和其他慢性疾病。因此,尽量减少这些食物摄取和限制在两个星期一次或避免

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