Sunday, March 27, 2011

Red color in foods

As I am researching on the color of foods, I am happy to share all my findings with all of you. We may not know what's the meaning of each color in our food, but some color Phytochemicals did make a difference in assisting our body operation. Red, a color that mostly brings spicy of taste, the phytochemicals contain are "lycopene" and "anthocyanidins". Lycopene foods can assist in reducing risk of several types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer. Examples are tomato, watermelon, red apple and strawberry. Anthocyanidins are a strong antioxidants that prevent cells from damage and prevent bacteria from attaching to cells. Examples are raspberries and red grapes. So, due to its benefits, I suggest you all especially working folks should eat some natural red fruits daily to keep your body cells stronger. 


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