Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese New Year (What's your food planning?)

Ding Dong. Next week is Chinese New Year and world wide of Chinese people are celebrating it. I just want to ask all my Chinese friends and readers, what do you eat most during Chinese New Year? Normally answers that I will get are pork, Bak-Kwa (dried meat), Steamboat, Snacks and so on. Of course, you will be drinking beers as well as soft drinks. So starting from today onwards, I will prepare few tips to share with all of you how we can celebrate a healthy Chinese New Year. For my non-Chinese friends, you can take my few post as a reading to understand our food culture and habits when we are celebrating Chinese New Year. I hope you will like it.

I will first started with drinks. Soft drinks (Ex Pepsi, Coke, 100 Plus etc), canned drinks, packet drinks and alcohol drinks are most of Chinese favorite in serving friends and relatives when they visit you but take note that certain drinks as mention contain high level of sweet and coloring. Why not we prepare other drinks as alternative to let your friends and relative choose. Soya, Green Tea and Barley drink (reduce body heatiness and high soluble fiber) should always be your smart choice. In fact, younger generation or kids should drink lesser cup of soft drinks for the good of your healthy teeth.

嗨,大家好, 还有几天就是普天同庆的华人佳节-农历新年了。有些人可能会认为农历新年是应该放纵自己,好好享受所有美食佳肴的时候了。然而,如果我们总是有带着这样的观念去庆祝一年中的所有节日,这几乎可以说每一个月都有佳节。因此,在这个开心时刻,我们为什么不养成良好的饮食习惯,并且在同一时间享受最喜爱的健康美食

说到饮料,华裔爱在新年期间喝汽水,酒精饮料啤酒)和罐装饮料(荔枝,龙眼)。我们应减少以上的饮料,多提供豆浆,绿茶/红茶和大麦水给亲戚朋友。这可以解决热气,还含可溶性纤维可以防止便秘。 所以大家应该警惕我们在新年期间所喝的饮料。

For western food Chinese lovers, you can refer back to my Christmas food planning post to get more information. Cheers.

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