Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food contraindication (Seafood)

Most of you may not aware of the meaning of food contraindication. It is more towards a diet term. An easier explanation from my view is I believe that a combination of certain foods can affect one's digestive system. Since fish and shellfish contain high iron level, I suggest people need to be aware of what should you eat on behalf of seafood on the same meal. This is important especially for anemia people. Examples of food/drink which I don't suggest you take along with the same meal of seafood are carbonated drinks (phosphorus), tea (tannic acid), coffee, milk (calcium) and oats (phytate). Above are several kinds of food/drink which is not suitable to intake with seafood based on my experience. The combination may results in decreasing the absorption of iron. So my friends, take note of it. 


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