Sunday, January 16, 2011

Diabetes (A note for Sally Yip)

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Hi all, after few days of holiday, is time to blog again. My friend just shared a link with me of a famous 80's Hong Kong Cantopop singer article (the article is in chinese but I can't find any english one) from Sin Chew daily. She is Sally Yip or known as Yip Sin Man who is popular for her music and wiki even calls her as "Celine Dion of Hong Kong". Well, the article mentions that she had diabetes right now after her dad is also a diabetes patient, but her case is light and just need certain diet control. Therefore, I would take this chance to share to everyone some diet tips for first stage of diabetes. 

Some might heard before that taking certain type of rice can control blood glucose level. Actually all type of rice can be served for diabetes people, the key is to control the portion size of intake for each meal. For each lunch or dinner, rice intake should be limit to only 1 Chinese Bowl only (search the size of the bowl). Any rice I mean can be white rice, brown rice, Jasmine Rice, Basmati Rice and so on which contain the same amount of sugar after being digested. Brown rice contains more fiber compare to white rice (for your information). So we need to control our intake rather than type of rice intake. In addition, consistent meal time is important for diabetes people. You better schedule your meal every week. I believe if you follow a correct dietary guidance, you can enjoy your life as normal too. For every diabetes people, cheers !


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