Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diet tips for post-surgery (An idea from Steve Job recent news)

My interest mostly focus on diabetes diet planning as more similar cases occur in my working place. But, after I read the news where Apple CEO Steve Job (the architect behind my favorite Ipad) takes a medical leave due to health issue, the article triggers me some idea to share with you all some diet planning after surgery for those who is still recovering (for reading and reference only, else I suggest patient to get a full guidance from personal dietitian). By the way, Steve Job is making a right move to take some good rest (My view is Don't use your health to make Money). I guess he has a very good medical team treating him but most important is he needs to control his food intake. 

So, back to the topic, the most important diet key for after-surgery patient is to avoid taking raw or half cooked foods. For example, salad, raw vegetables (carrots stick, tomato, cucumber and so on), half-cooked eggs, raw seafood (oyster, mussels), half cooked lamb or beef. All foods must be cooked until well done.Raw foods contain a lot of bacteria that can cause infection happens. Fruits should be adequately cleaned and/or peeled before eating. If you consume dairy, it should be low fat or fat free.


Diet planning for post-surgery person is not a task of two to six months but years until you ware examined to consume more variety of foods. I will further explain Steve Job's case in the following post. So, keep the determination ON!

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