Friday, January 7, 2011

Cholesterol in Shellfish

What is actually shellfish? Well this term normally refers as seafood such as shrimp,clams,crab,oysters and so on. They are seafood that has sometime type of shell covering them. Yeap, from the picture, we can't resist their taste =). The dark side is shellfish is one of the food that can cause allergy most, so we need to choose wisely for our seafood selection. This post I will explain shellfish's cholesterol consumption before I explain shellfish allergy in next post. Which type of seafood contains high cholesterol? The popular one would be clam, mussels, oyster, squid lobster, prawn with head, crab roe, fish roe, and fish head. Therefore, take note of the portion you are having if you are a seafood lover. My little advice would be each consumption such as prawn, squid or oyster should limit to 6 medium pieces only. Besides, prawn head and small intestine also need to be clean clearly to avoid cholesterol consumption.


You need to know clearly the cholesterol contain for some of the popular seafood in order to choose your meal wisely. I tried to collect some data of it to share with you all in future. Plan for a better seafood diet regardless your age (not only elder people faces high cholesterol).

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