Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eggs (Tips for kidney & hypercholesterolemia patient)

Having eggs as one of your food item is perfectly nice for us but patients that have kidney and hypercholesterolemia must take note of their eating habit with eggs. Kidney patient needs strictly monitor their total protein intake in a day so that will not cause a burden to kidney. It is so called as high biological value (HBV) as efficiency food protein that essential and incorporates to our body with 100% protein absorption. Those with hypercholesterolemia problem people should limit their egg yolk (yellowish one) intake. I recommended should not more than 2 egg yolk per week. When the amount of cholesterol exceed what we need, it will deposit in our body especially blood vessels that cause heart attack or stroke problem. Besides, we also need to aware the egg yolk acts as additional in fried noodles, fried rice, bread, cakes and other foods with hidden egg. If you are egg favor, I suggest you can just consume egg white without egg yolk daily which is mostly protein than cholesterol.


Do you all aware of tips consuming Omega-3? Most of you don't really know much about the pros and cons but just attracted by the advertisement :). I was one of them before I did some research on it. I will share that in details for next post. Hope you all enjoy a good day :)

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  1. Does it means that the egg yolk contain high cholesterol??