Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Allergy - Milk (Weight Control)

Normally we will wonder, can we drink milk or consume any milk product during weight loss period? I have several similar questions before from patient. Well, my answer is YES. Of course u can consume milk as your meal but seriously do you willing to just drink milk for every single meal in a day? Milk is full with a lot nutrients, but weight control is a long journey. Life will not be colorful anymore if just with a plain yellowish color milk as our energy sources (foods). Ofcourse we want to enjoy different foods everyday, give our taste buds some kind of flavor. I encourage you can choose one or two meal in a day by having milk together with some vegetables and fruits or make some salad (But note don't put too much Thosudand Island sauce as it really high fat and sodium content). This is not only adding fiber that necessary for us but also increase satiety. Again, weight control needs a lot patient and should follow with healthy diet in a day and the the same time do exercises to buid muscle or a S shape body.


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