Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How do we store eggs?

I am a dietitian but I worked in food service field before. Therefore, I am going to review some egg storage information for all of you as additional tips. Hope you all like it. 

Did any of you know why we need keep eggs in refrigerator?
This is because eggs begin deteriorated and lose quality at room temperature. Usually eggs should be store among 0-4.4°C in refrigerator. The shelf life of eggs in refrigerator is about 1 month. This is important as I saw quite a number of housewife just put their eggs on table after purchasing.

Can I just put together with others foods when the fridge is too full?
No, egg should be store separately with vegetables or fruits as eggs shell contain Salmonella bacteria that will easily cause cross contamination on vegetables and fruits which is directly consume without heating cooking process (Ex, Salad).

那是因为鸡蛋会在室内的温度之下流失其营养品质。鸡蛋通常是适合存放在0 4度的冰箱里。鸡蛋大概会有一个月的存放期限。


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