Thursday, December 2, 2010

Food Allergy - Milk (Nutrient & Suggestion of usage)

I am going to explain briefly on Milk's nutrients but I hope those scientific terms won't make you all boring (I feel the same too during my university life when I heard vitamin, iron and so on). Milk actually contains protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin A and D, calcium (prevent osteoporosis) potassium and phosphate.However,milk is low in vitamin C and E, iron, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Milk is primarily water (87.3%), 4.8 % carbohydrate (lactose), 3.4% protein (essential amino acid), 3.7% fat, minerals with ph 6.6.

牛奶含有丰富的蛋白质,维他命B, A D, 钙质, , 和磷。但是,牛奶含有較低的维他命C,E, 质,淀份和纤维。牛奶的主要成份是水(87.3%),淡水化合物,蛋白质(3.4%),脂肪(3.7%)。

* Note : 2 servings of milk or milk products provide almost half the protein recommended for a healthy adult women and one-third for a man.
Here is a general suggestion for people who consume milk everyday. Milk should be taken with food such as bread for better nutrients absorption as milk is liquid which is faster transit through our stomach but lead to poor absorption if drink with empty stomach. Milk can release trytophan (an essential amino acid formed from proteins during digestive process) which can make people feel sleepy, so it is advice not to take milk with empty stomach in the morning; it is suggested taking milk at night for better sleep especially for insomnia people.

I will further explain more about Milk especially for sick people, people on diet and information related to healthy bone. Thanks for reading.


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